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The Blackout Club Achievement Guide / How to Get All Achievements

A guide on every achievement in The Blackout Club and how to obtain them.

The Blackout Club Achievements

Fashion Plate
Changed your look after a mission

Complete a mission and then interact with the wardrobe in the train car, you will unlock the achievement after you exit and save your customizations.

My Hero!
Revived a suppressed teammate

Hold right click on a teammate who has been put into the “suppressed” state to revive them and also unlock this achievement.

Look at Me!
Showed another player your gesture during a mission

During a mission, hold B and select a gesture while standing in front of another player. You will need to wait until the gesture finishes it’s full animation for the achievement to unlock, so gestures like Kneel and I’m Hot will not work for this.

Not a Doctor
Bandaged a teammate

Find a bandage in one of the lootable containers on the map and then hold right click on an injured teammate who is standing still.

True Power
Maxed out a major power ladder

Fully upgrade one of the major powers in the game.

The soonest this can be done is at level 10 if you’re using the Powerhouse/Takedown power and level 15 for any other power.

The Disappearance
Finished the Intro

Complete the prologue.

Winning Streak (hidden)
You know how to play this game

Complete a couple of missions without fail and eventually you will unlock this achievement.

Ashes to Ashes (hidden)
Made the maximum sacrifice

Sacrifice your character at level 20 using the power deck table.

Beat It, Kid! (hidden)
Captured a Stalker

When you reach level 5, your missions can be invaded by a Stalker if there is two or more players. (you can be invaded once, then you have to play as a Stalker yourself to opt-into future invasions as the host) Chase down and catch the Stalker by holding right click on them and you’ll unlock this achievement.

The achievement will only unlock for the person who grabbed and actually caught the Stalker.

Now You’ve Done It (hidden)
Triggered the Shape’s angel mode

When you reach level 6, in missions you host, the Shape will be able to transform into an Angel form that is much faster and more aggressive if you continue accumulating sin while he’s already after you.

The achievement will trigger for everyone in the mission as long as the Shape changes forms, it does not matter who he is after when he changes.

Believer (hidden)
Submitted a prayer

Obtain a Light of Rebellion from a mission reward chest (higher chance of getting one if it’s a Jr. Detective chest) and use it on the altar in the train car, then stand in the white square and close your eyes. Say what you want to say and then open your eyes, your prayer will be sent and the achievement will unlock.

Cultural Collaborator (hidden)
You wear immersive sims like a badge

At any point during gameplay (can be done in the train car) using the number keys, type in 0451 and the achievement will unlock.

This achievement is a reference to the achievement of the same name in Question’s previous game, The Magic Circle and is also obtained the same way. It is originally a reference to the novel Fahrenheit 451.

Monkeywrench (hidden)
Got 500 points as a Stalker within a single mission

This achievement seems to be currently bugged and can be obtained without reaching the threshold listed in the description

Invade a game as a Stalker and get 500 points. You gain points from recording other players and their actions, there is an element of luck involved depending if there is a lot of bodies you can record for a high amount of points, though.

But Not Forgotten (hidden)
Got Killed by the Shape

Requires at least one other teammate to revive you. Get caught by the Shape three times and he will kill you, unlocking the achievement.

The fastest method is jumping off of the map 3 times, as this counts for the achievement. Seems to also trigger the achievement for other players in the same mission via this method even if they didn’t die?

Written by Concharis

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