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The Forest Secret Achievements

Secret Achievements

Bad Father
Survive 100 days
How to obtain:Self explanatory, survive 100 days

Make it Rain
Set off sprinklers in end game
How to obtain:This can be done with a fire arrow or the flare gun, particularly in the armsy hallway in the end game section. Simply shoot him with either weapons to set him alight and the sprinklers will set off. This can also be done by shooting a fire arrow at a sprinkler directly.

Drink water from the water cooler that has the human head inside it
How to obtain:The cooler is found in Sahara Laboratory, in one of the rooms on the right side of the hallway leading to the second artifact.

You should be looking for Timmy
Build a gazebo
How to obtain:Build a gazebo. If it’s lower to the ground it will save a lot of logs and sticks.

Daily Grind
Drink from the coffee machine
How to obtain:Drink coffee from a coffee machine located in the Sahara Laboratory Cafeteria.

Big Spender
Buy a soda and candy from vending machine
How to obtain:The vending machines are in the lab’s cafeteria – use each of them.

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