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The Lego Movie 2 Videogame – How to Unlock Characters?

How to Unlock Characters?

This can only be done while you’re in Free Play mode (it doesn’t work in Story mode). You can only buy a character that you have already unlocked, by holding the Triangle button on PS4 / holding the Y button on Xbox One / holding the X button on Switch, to bring up the character menu. When you see that character menu, then select the black silhouette of the character you want from the grid and select “Buy” to make it available for you to play with in Free Play mode.

Important Note: Unlocking characters usually involves completing campaign missions, bonus- or side missions, or finding their token card hidden throughout the game levels or overworld map.

Like many LEGO Games before it, the LEGO Movie 2 Video Game is packed with secret unlock codes for you to snag early access to characters, vehicles, and more. Each code will unlock a “relic” piece that can be opened to reveal various items.

To use the codes in game head to the pause menu, then enter the six digit code to unlock in game content. Then head to the closest shop to open your relics!

Cheat Codes

All of the known cheat codes can be found below!

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Character Relic Codes:

  • THSS1T
  • QHN4KB
  • PC7B52
  • H29V4E
  • CK3GR7

Item Relic Codes:

  • 1ZCPYG
  • VLNM9B
  • ZLWEV4
  • V76RFB
  • RUL4LU
  • 7XJP73

Construction Relic Codes:

  • DR8CEE
  • KEFWX4
  • DT98BK
  • V8K72L
  • BK21FE

Rare Relic Codes:

  • FCRL55
  • R3TJU8
  • FR0MTT

Stud Unlock Codes:

  • PH9NFT
  • 4VVXPR
  • J3A2VF
  • EK5P48
  • 5KCT38
  • K6DFM6
  • U505AD

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