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The Long Dark Lake Gunshots Walkthrough

Sidequest: Lake Gunshots

This side quest is unlocked by picking up the crumpled note in the Maintenance Yard building (there are actually two copies of this note here; I’m assuming one will be patched out later on).

Head over to the cabins across from the Camp Office in the Mystery Lake region, and you’ll find a dead body. There’s also a blood trail that leads to one of the cabins.

Follow the trail and you’ll find a Forest Talker hiding in the cabin. They don’t trust you enough to let you inside, but they will tell you where secret Forest Talker documents are hidden. You’ve now been tasked with retrieving these plans and some hidden supplies. The Forest Talker will slide a key under the door, so remember to pick it up before leaving.

The key opens one of the trailers at the Logging Camp. To get there, you need to follow the railroad as if heading to the Dam. At the Train Loading area (the yellow car in-between the Derailment and the Dam), there’ll be a large yellow sign on your left and a path that you should follow. Eventually you’ll see some trailers on your left. In the locked trailer, you’ll find this backpack with supplies in it.

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Now for the plans. You can find them in the Carter Hydro Dam, hidden under a floor tile in the stairwell. Go to the bottom level and check this tile.

Once you’ve gotten the documents and supplies, head on back to the lake cabin. Click on the door to speak with the Forest Talker, and you’ll eventually get an option to leave all the supplies or steal some rifle ammunition.

If you steal the ammo, the Forest Talker will be very upset and be dead when you return the next day. He also leaves you an angry letter inside the cabin. If you don’t steal, Will is rewarded with a nice letter and some deerskin pants. So, make the call based on your needs. The pants are warm but heavy, while the ammunition may not be necessary given how much is scattered around the world already (not to mention you only get 3 bullets).

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