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The Outer Worlds All Halcyon in a Day Guide

Tasks in The Outer Worlds, are side activities that players can engage in across the various planets of the game to help the local population with their troubles. The Outer World tasks are pretty straight forward and reward players with a decent amount of XP so it is always worth taking the time out to finish them.

While you don’t necessarily have to complete these tasks, they are fun activities, have decent rewards and are a good way to get the best out of the RPG experience that The Outer Worlds has to offer.

All Halcyon in a Day Guide

In the Bureau of E xploration in Byzantium speak with Alonzo Vallejos to obtain this quest and begin the tour. The tour involves finding a few beacons, among other things.

The First Beacon is right underneath the Rococo’s Decor sign in the corner of the Prosperity Plaza. The Second Beacon is north of Edgewater in Emerald Vale. There, just east of the Abandoned Industrial Zone are a number of Primals that seem to be guarding the beacon, kill them to get this.

The third one is on Scylla west of the landing pad just outside the protective barrier. Locate it and jump outside to bring it back immediately before you die in a couple of seconds. The last beacon is on Monarch outside Stellar Bay in the southwest direction where Canids rule the day. Kill them to get the beacon.

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Having done all that, get to Alonzo to end the quest.

Reward: 15000 XP

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