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The Outer Worlds C3 Barracks Quest Guide

C3 Barracks Quest Guide

C3 Barracks is one of the Locations in The Outer Worlds. C3 Barracks is a mercenary camp near Devil’s Peak Summit. The mercenaries are stationed here to protect Devil’s Peak Station..

Mandibles of Doom Walkthrough

This quest is obtained by speaking with the mercenaries at C3 Barracks on Monarch and accepting the task to help find their leader. You can also get the quest by simply killing the Mantiqueen inside Devil’s Peak Caverns.

Head to the nav point that marks the entrance to the Devil’s Peak Caverns and head inside. Once inside, make your way left and up, fighting through the enemies. Once you get to the top you will find Berthold guarded by a Mega Mantiqueen which will net you 3600 XP. Defeat her for some loot and then speak to Berthold.

Speaking to Berthold Fox will net you 3600 more XP. He has some funny dialogue and offers to meet you back at the barracks after he’s collected Constance’s pieces. Fast travel back to the C3 Barracks and speak to Berthold. He will give you 13200 XP and give you Berthold Fox’s C3 Keycard and you can use it to access the weapons locker behind him. You can pick up the Unique Weapon: Thunder from inside the building.

You can tell him you’ll call it even if he helps you wipe out the Marauders at the Devil’s Peak Station. He’ll tell you if you can open the main doors they’ll help. This will update both Radio Free Monarch and Signal Point in Space quests.

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