The Outer Worlds Side Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds Chimerists Last Experiment Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds has two kinds of factions, primary and secondary.  Both factions offer multiple faction quests that The Outer Worlds players can complete for rewards and XP. Faction quests are just one of the many different quests and activities in the game.

By completing faction quests players can gain reputation with various factions. Some companions of yours are associated with certain factions and depending on who your companion is certain faction quests will have different outcomes. Companions will lobby the player to support their faction but you do have the ability to make see things from your perspective.

Chimerists Last Experiment Quest Guide

Faction: Groundbreaker

Head to Dr. Chartrand’s house in Byzantium in Estate District. To enter Dr. Cartrand’s Home, use the Byzantium Estate Key. Use the terminal to read her logs and then use it to open the lab and head down towards the elevator.

Talk to Dr. Eva Chartrand and tell her about Lilya sending you to kill her. You can Lie to her and she’ll give you information on their experiment. You can tell her to work with Phineas Welles and she will agree and you’ll gain 15000 XP and gain a Negative Reputation with The Board.

When you return to Lilya Hagen, you’ll gain Negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping and 35000 XP. You can kill her to gain negative reputation with The Board.

Return to the Groundbreaker and speak to Lilya, to get 15000xp, 20000xp, 2188 Bit Cartridge, SubLight VP Armor and the SubLight to the End Trophy / Achievement. Also, get a promotion to Vice President of Aggressive Acquisitions.

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