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The Outer Worlds Corporate Commander Quest Guide

Corporate Commander Quest Guide

Corporate Commander Location
He will board the HRS-1084 during the quest The Ice Palace

Corporate Commander Related Quests
The Ice Palace

The Ice Palace Walkthrough

You will obtain this quest by talking to Lilya Hagen at SubLight Salvage Headquarters in Groundbreaker, after completing Space-Crime Continuum.

Travel to HRS-1084 station and restore the power. Head left through the main room, watching out for the mines there. You can pick up UDL Identity Cartridge from a chair in the mess hall. Use the terminal past the mines and set the generator to normal. You will be contacted by ADA shortly after, and you will learn that the UDL has docked with the station and intend to wipe you out.

The Corporate Commander will contact you and you can Persuade (55) her to not attack you if you have gained Adjutant Akande’s trust by completing The Demolished Woman quest. You can also Bribe her with 2550 Bits or Intimidate (65) her to into not making an enemy of SubLight. You can also Lie (65) that you will press the self destruct button. If you used the UDL Identity Cartridge you’ll be asked about the automechanicals. Lie or Intimidate (35) to deal with it. Any of these will get them to undock from the station without conflict.

Backtrack up the stairs to the main room and defeat the automechanicals there if you didn’t use the cartridge and they are online. There will is a terminal through a door on your left that you can Hack (65) to put the robots into recharge mode for easy killing. In this room, you should pick up Blank UDL Keycard by the safe and then use “Encode Keycard” on the terminal to get “Electrical Control Room Keycard”. You can visit the door in the middle of the large initial room to read a terminal that gives some insight into who worked here.

Then exit the main room on the right hand side from where you first came in. There will also be mines down these stairs. There is a locked door that requires Lockpicking (40) or you can use the Electrical Control Room Keycard. Inside is a terminal you can use to disengage security protocol.

Head through the next door and there are some living quarters doors that have some loot and a door to the main room with some Holding Tanks and some automechanicals. Defeat them if they are active, and then head up the stairs and use the terminal in the office. Read the logs to find out about the experiments being done here, and get some alarm bells as you discover the executive override password for UDL communications is the same one that you used to get into the lab in Cascadia in Monarch.

When you’re done reading, insert the SubLight Override Cartridge. This will grant you 15000 XP. There is also a Lockpicking (100) door in this room that contains a safe with the Researcher’s Mask inside.

Then head back to Lilya on Groundbreaker. You can inform her of the scientists and (if you disabled the mechs) tell her they are now up for grabs (15000xp). Completing the quest will net you 35000 XP and SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation as well as 2188 Bit Cartridges. Lilya will ask you if you encountered any resistance at the station and you can either tell her the truth or Lie (1) to her. Either way Lilya will reveal that none of this was about salvage, but instead Aliens.

She thinks there is an Alien invasion happening, and she wants you to put a stop to it.You can ask what she means by Aliens, and she will say that the gas is mixing the human nuclein with Halcyon biology, making us something other than human. If you ask how she knows you’re not an alien, she will say it was a calculated risk, and she will say it’s “Probably nothing to worry about as long as you don’t start growing tentacles or slowing down time”.

Lilya will then tell you to kill Eva Chartrand. This will give you the The Chimerist’s Last Experiment quest and you’ll get Byzantium Estate Key.

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