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The Outer Worlds Iconoclasts Quest Guide

Iconoclasts Quest Guide

Iconoclasts is one of the many Factions in The Outer Worlds. Iconoclasts can be found operating at Amber Heights. Factions are special groups and allegiances that the player can join or fight depending on different choices or interactions.

The Iconoclasts are a group of survivalists living in the ruins of Amber Heights on Moarch. Led by Graham Bryant, a staunch Philosophist, they hope to one day tear down the corporate establishment that they believe has brought the colony to the brink of death.

Reputation Bonus

StatusPositive ReputationNegative ReputationEffects
Neutral0% – 29%0% – 29%None
Agreeable30% – 49%0% – 29%Vendor prices -5%
Tolerant+80%50% – 79%Vendor prices -5%
Friendly50% – 79%0% – 29%Vendor prices -15%
Understanding+80%30% – 49%Vendor prices -15%
Revering+80%0% – 29%Vendor prices -25%
Agitated50% – 79%+80%Vendor prices +10%
Bitter30% – 49%50% – 79%Vendor prices +10%
Repulsed0% – 29%+80%Vendor prices +50% – They will attack on sight.

NPCs related to Iconoclasts

  • Rose
  • Bronson
  • Graham Bryant
  • Zora Blackwood
  • May Van Noy
  • Weston Sloan

Quests related to Iconoclasts

  1. The Commuter
  2. Pay for the Printer
  3. Odd Jobs

1. The Commuter Walkthrough

This is the first Faction quest for the Iconoclasts, and it’s picked up in Amber Heights, Monarch. You can meet Graham Bryant and Zora Blackwood at their command center which is the largest building in Amber Heights, to the right side of your map.

Go inside and talk to Graham, then accept to pick up the delivery to begin the quest. Having Vicar Max on your party during your meeting with Graham can yield some interesting dialogue!. There’s also a terminal in a nearby room that has some information on what transpired between Graham and Sanjar Nandi. You can also learn that he finds Zora to be materialistic, since she’s focused on the needs of the body such as shelter, health and food.

Head to the building near the one you’re in and talk to Zora to get her take and find out what happened at the ruins. You should then head to Bayside Terrace Warehouse to continue the quest. As you arrive, you’ll meet Niles, who is blocking access. You can Lie (55), Persuade (55) or Bribe him for 2877 bits to get access. The SubLight crew that was hunting Carlotta will leave and you can continue the quest. You can kill them, but you will gain negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping. An easy way to do this is to head into the first building on the left past Niles and Hack (55) the terminal to vent gas and kill everyone.

Approach the locked door at the edge of the facility and use the intercom. She will open the door and you can go in. There’s a Vending Machine inside if you need it!. Talk to Carlotta, she will give you Printing Press Parts and you’ll earn 7500xp. You can then ask her some questions about what happened, and you can opt whether you want high-capacity data cartridges, or food and medicine.

Pick the one you agree with and earn 7500xp

Return to Graham and you’ll find him arguing with Zora about the Van Noys, a unit of the Iconoclasts that is MIA. Inform Graham that you got his rollers, and food and medicine if that was your choice. You’ll receive 7500xp and Zora will ask when the next drop is. Inform her that Sanjar has made it illegal to trade with the Iconoclasts. Graham will say they must spread the word, and it unlocks the next quest: Pay for the Printer.

This completes the quest, granting you 15000xp, 2900 Bit Cartridge, Iconoclast Apostle Helmet and Iconoclasts Reputation.

2. Pay for the Printer Walkthrough

This quest is obtained after turning in The Commuter, by talking to Graham about next steps. Graham wants to continue preaching. A discussion between Zora and Graham will reveal that Graham committed their best unit to the printing mission rather than putting them on the ruins, where they are apparently needed.

You can now set off toward the northwest to find the Terra One Publications. It’s easiest accessed from Stellar Bay’s South north exit. You’ll come to a battle between Canid, Marauder and August Van Noy and May Van Noy. Defeat the enemies and talk to the Van Noys. You can opt to retrieve Zora’s team to safety, and you’ll be informed they need medical attention and have lost track of their medic.

Approach the facility and a group of Raptidons will attack you. Defeat them and take the right path up a hill to go toward the medic. There are two Raptidon Colossus where the medic lays, so prepare for battle. After defeating them, go into the residence and loot the medic’s corpse to obtain the Unique Weapons: Euthanasia Kit, as well as the Iconoclast Trauma Kit quest item. The Iconoclast Armor and Helmet she is carrying can also be used for the Task: Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel.

Return to May Van Noy and tell her of the fate of her medic. You’ll get 7500xp and they will head back.

You can now go into the printing building. There are several Raptidon enemies that you’ll want to defeat, and a resignation note from Caden Shuster that highlights the many dangers of frontier work. Behind the notice, a locked office contains a terminal with some corporate requests and a high level lockbox that requires 60 to unlock.

Head through the last door on the 1st floor, past a Raptidon Colossus, and up to the 2nd Floor. Access the door with the room overlooking the press and use the terminal to activate the rollers. The quest will update and you’ll earn 7500xp.

Head back to Amber Heights and go to the second floor to talk to Graham, who is in a heated dispute with Zora. If you helpedthe Van Noys you’ll get 7500xp and Iconoclasts Reputation.

Completing the quest gives 15000xp and Iconoclast Reputation as well as Iconoclast Apostle Armor and 2900 Bit Cartridge

Follow Zora to the medical building and talk to her. She will reveal that she thinks the Amber Heights Massacre was engineered by someone who gave the pirates access to the gate codes. Agree to help and you’ll unlock the quest Sucker Bait

3. Odd Jobs Walkthrough

Head South from Stellar Bay and follow the east road. It will take you to Amber Heights. Upon entering, you will meet Rose, and you can ask her about the Iconoclasts, the faction that leads the town. She will tell you that their town is a community, and there are no jobs, no corporation and no paychecks involved. You can ask about the leaders, Graham and Zora. You can also ask abut Tucker, and she will point you to a nearby structure. There’s a vending machine nearby and Bronson, the quartermaster, who will give you the task Odd Jobs.

You can access a terminal in a building up the hill to attempt to resolve some of the issues remotely – this is the same building where you meet Tucker Needham for A Family Matter.

  • You will need Science (55) to remotely shut down power. (4500xp)
  • You will need Engineering (55) to remotely rerout water (4500xp)
  • You will need Hack (55) to remotely reset the Rapt House Communications Breaker (4500xp)

You can alternatively do them manually by going to the locations marked on your map if you track the quest.

Once you’re done, return to Bronson. You’ll obtain 375 Bit Cartridge, Iconoclasts Reputation and 9000xp.

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