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The Outer Worlds Melee Juggernaut Build

Melee Juggernaut Build

In case the title didn’t give it away, this Outer Worlds build revolves around melee-ing enemies till their last breath. But since melee-ing alone won’t cut it, we’ll also throw in some Heavy Armor to provide you with all the sustain that you’ll need. Let’s dive into it:

  • Attributes: x3 Strength, x3 Intelligence, x1 Temperament
  • Skills: 1-Handed/2-Handed, Science, Block
  • Tier 1 Perks: Toughness, Cheetah, High Maintenance, Resilient
  • Tier 2 Perks: Harvester
  • Tier 3 Perks: Armor Master, Revenge, Tit for Tat
  • Weapons: Any 1-Handed with Plasma, Shock, Corrosion

For Attributes, we decided to bolster our Melee Damage and Critical Hit Damage as much as possible with Strength and Intelligence. If you’re playing on higher difficulty settings, you should also consider removing a point from Dexterity/Perception and investing it into Temperament for a bit of HP regeneration.

Coming to Skills, you can either go with 1-Handed Melee or 2-Handed Melee depending on what you’re comfortable with. Either way, you’ll receive a nice Critical Hit Damage bonus, which is great. With Science, you’ll receive additional Armor and buffs to certain damage types, which if you end up using, will benefit you greatly.

Lastly, Block may not seem like a good choice but you’ll eventually start to see its worth as you near the end-game. On top of that, it will provide you with some additional Armor. You shouldn’t say no to that!

For Perks, you mostly want to go with the ones that provide you with additional Armor, HP regeneration per hit, damage buffs, and durability. The recommended Perks will ensure that you never say no to a good fight and are always in the heat of the battle.

I should also mention it here but if you don’t like to play with companions, you should consider taking the Lone Wolf perk. If you like to play with companions, having Leadership will go a long way.

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