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The Outer Worlds Vulcans Hammer Quest Guide

The majority of side quests in The Outer Worlds are simple. Speak with an NPC, follow the objectives, done. Make sure when you are attempting a specific quest, that it is selected in your journal. You can only track one quest at a time, so you want to ensure you’re chasing the correct markers.

Vulcans Hammer Quest Guide

In order to get this quest you will have to talk to Orson Shaw who is present close to the Workbench in Roseway. You will have to go the Storage Facility and defeat the marauders when you get there.

There will be an armory door which is locked. The passcode is in Auntie- Biotics lab. When you get the code you can go inside and get FORCE Pistol Schematics which are present on a wall inside the basement and you will get 11000 XP. There will be an Acid Steeper there as well on a shelf close to the schematics, this steeper will be used for the Cleaning Machine quest.

You will get your reward from Orson or Gladys. You will have to ask Orson about the reason for not turning in his contraband if you return to him.

You can use Intimidate or Persuade (45)in order to make him buy the weapon for 100 Bit Cartridge at the cost of losing untie Cleo Reputation (5% negative).

You will get the Unique Weapon: Ulti- Nature so it would be better to have better relations with this guy.

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