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The Price Of Flesh Secret Ending Walkthrough + DLC Love Guide

I did the secret achievements guide for the main trio, and here I am with the guide for the DLC!

The DLC is actually a lot simpler to navigate than the main game – it relies entirely on two stats, ‘Fox love’ and ‘Chat love’, so you don’t really need to worry about your food/sanity/health stats.

I’ll post a list of all their choices and how it effects their love as well as a walkthrough of what choices to pick if you can’t figure out from the love-chart alone.

The three visible achievements are pretty simple – die in the 1st show, die in the 2nd show and die in the 3rd show. I won’t be covering them in detail, but the chart can still help you figure things out if you’re struggling to get through a show.

The ‘Love chart’ – Shows 1 + 2

❤️ = Positive Fox love
💙 = Negative Fox love
🧡 = Positive chat love
💚 = Negative chat love

Only including responses that change love, anything not listed doesn’t change anything.

Each choice selection is spoilered individually. Sorry if it’s annoying to click so many times, but I want to make sure people don’t see what they don’t want to!

Try to answer his questions” – ❤️ +1 Fox love
“Scream” – 💙 -1 Fox love[/list]

“Give my clothing back you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!” – 💙 -1 Fox love
“I guess it’s cute…” – ❤️ +1 Fox love

“Beg them to help you” – 🧡 +1 Chat love
“Insult them” – 💚 -1 Chat love
“Stay silent” – ❤️ +1 Fox love

“Put it back…” – ❤️ +1 Ren love

“♥♥♥♥ you!” – 🧡 +1 Chat love / 💙 -1 Fox love
“Do whatever you want…” – 💚 -1 Chat love / 💙 -1 Fox love
“Remain silent” 💚 -1 Chat love / 💙 -1 Fox love
“Beg him to stop” 💚 -1 Chat love / ❤️ +1 Fox love

“Stay quiet” – 💚 -1 Chat love / 💙 -1 Fox love
“Please… I don’t want to die..” – 💚 -1 Chat love / ❤️ +1 Fox love
“… Hi…” – 🧡 +1 Chat love / ❤️ +1 Fox love
“Spit at the camera” – 🧡 +2 Chat love / 💙 -2 Fox love

“Refuse to participate” – Doesn’t effect love just kills you instantly lol
“Obey reluctantly” – 🧡 +3 Chat love / ❤️ +1 Fox love
Obey confidently – 🧡 +1 Chat love / ❤️ +3 Fox love

To survive show one you need your ‘chat love’ to be 5 or higher.


“.. Nothing..” – ❤️ +1 Fox love
“Let me GO!” – 💙 -1 Fox love

“Get dressed” – ❤️ +1 Fox love
“Refuse” – 💙 -1 Fox love

“Hi.” – ❤️ +1 Fox love
“Please go easy on me..” – 🧡 +1 Chat love / ❤️ +2 Fox love
“Eat ♥♥♥♥ and die!” – 🧡 +2 Chat love / 💙 -1 Fox love
“Stay silent” – 💚 -1 Chat love / 💙 -1 Fox love

“Please don’t hurt me any more, please!” – 💚 -1 Chat love / ❤️ +1 Fox love
“Just get it over with!” – 🧡 +1 Chat love
“A… glue gun? I-I don’t know.” – 🧡 +1 Chat love / ❤️ +1 Fox love
“That’s a soldering gun.” 💚 -1 Chat love / ❤️ +1 Fox love
“Remain silent” – 💚 -1 Chat love / 💙 -1 Fox love

“Don’t touch me!” – 🧡 +2 Chat love / 💙 -1 Fox love
“Yes…” – ❤️ +1 Fox love

“Try to escape” – 🧡 +2 Chat love / 💙 -2 Fox love

“Lean forward into the choke chain” – 🧡 +1 Chat love / 💙 -1 Fox love
“Lean backward into him” – ❤️ +3 Fox love

“Please don’t!!” – 💚 -1 Chat love
“Just do whatever you’re going to do!” – 🧡 +2 Chat love
“Yes… Please take it out…” – 🧡 +1 Chat love / ❤️ +2 Fox love
“Ignore him” – 💚 -1 Chat love / 💙 -1 Fox love

“I hope karma comes for you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.” – 💚 -1 Chat love
“Smile” – 🧡 +2 Chat love

“Nod” – ❤️ +1 Fox love
“Struggle” – 🧡 +1 Chat love

To survive show two you need your ‘chat love’ to be 12 or higher.
There’s two ways the third show can go, so I’ll cover it in the next section!

Show 3 + The hidden ending

Depending on your ‘Fox love’ stat, you’ll either meet a messy end or unlock a nice little achievement for yourself.

If your fox love is under 10 when you reach show 3, it really doesn’t matter what choices you make – you’re going to die anyway!
If your fox love is over the above number, you’ll get a visit beforehand.


The first choice doesn’t matter here.

“Who did that to you?” – ❤️ +1 Fox love
“Were you in shows too?” – ❤️ +1 Fox love

While the next choices don’t change stats, they’re vital to getting the hidden ending.

“Are you going to kill me or not?” – Brings to next choice selection
“Never mind…” – Ignores hidden ending

“I thought you were the one in charge.” – ‘Unlocks’ hidden ending
“I guess so…” – Ignores hidden ending


“I don’t know.” – ❤️ +1 Fox love
“Don’t shoot me!” – ❤️ +1 Fox love

“It’s ‘Fox’.” – ❤️ +1 Fox love
“I don’t know!” – ❤️ +1 Fox love
“Please stop!!!” – ❤️ +1 Fox love

Even with the choices made in the pre-show, there’s a chance you may not have enough Fox love to hit the hidden ending – your score needs to be 15 or higher.

Full Walkthrough for hidden ending

If you’re struggling to get the secret ending, here’s a full walkthrough of all the choices to make to reach it!

“Try to answer his questions” ❤️
“I guess it’s cute…” ❤️
“Beg them to help you” 🧡
“Put it back…” ❤️
“♥♥♥♥ you!” 🧡💙
“Spit at the camera” 🧡💙
“Obey confidently” 🧡❤️
“.. Nothing..” ❤️
(Any choice)
“Get dressed” ❤️
“Please go easy on me..” 🧡❤️
“A… glue gun? I-I don’t know.” 🧡❤️
“Yes…” ❤️
“Try to escape” 🧡💙
“Lean backward into him” ❤️
“Yes… Please take it out…” 🧡❤️
“Smile” 🧡
“Nod” ❤️
(Any choice)
“Who did that to you?” / “Were you in shows too?” ❤️
“Are you going to kill me?” ❤️
“I thought you were in charge.”
“Don’t know.” / “Don’t shoot!” ❤️
“It’s ‘Fox’.” / “Don’t know!” / “Please stop!” ❤️


Here’s just some extra titbits that I’ve found. If you find something new, feel free to comment it and i’ll add it to this section!


If you name yourself ‘Strade’, Fox refuses to say your name throughout the playthrough. He says “No, I won’t be needing your name at all.” (though with the ‘fox horny’ sprite) despite in differently named playthroughs saying he already knows your name – so he knows it’s Strade! He also refers to you as ‘our star’ ‘our toy’ throughout rather than Strade.

If you name yourself ‘Ren’, he responds “I already know YOUR name!” with more excitement.

If you name yourself ‘Lawrence’ he responds “Don’t worry, I don’t need your name.” “I already know your name…”


Just compiling all the information we get to learn about our lovely chat members!

The chat usernames that we know are Diamond, Rancor, ♥♥♥, Pandemonium, Fullyloaded and Neko M.

‘♥♥♥’ is Derek’s dad. He’s noted as Fox’s “most loyal customer” and donates large amounts. We already knew that he’s who enables Derek from what Gato has said, so no wonder he also enjoys this sort of thing! I’d love to see him, bet he’s a hot piece of dilf. The text below confirms he’s Derek’s dad!

DLC 'love' guide + Secret ending walkthrough + Misc secrets

He’s also the one that suggests you get choked with the wire in the first show.

Diamond bets that you’ll be feisty, but we don’t know who she bet against. She appears to have bet a large amount.
She can donate a large amount to have a diamond shape soldered onto you and Fox calls her ‘big spender Diamond.’ Fox knows that she’s a lady.
(It’s not confirmed, but there’s a theory that Diamond is Celia – we know she watches the streams because of the CONTROL achievement and obviously she was also at the auction.)

Pandemonium is a feet guy.

Fullyloaded is the one who suggests you sucking on the gun in the first show.

Neko M suggests cauterising the holes in the third show.

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