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The Riftbreaker Cheats and Console Commands

This is what I’ve found while playing around with the command console.

Note: To start you have to exit the demo version go to trial.

  • Find this file in the game folder (initial_config.Cfg)
  • The riftbreaker prologue/conf/initial_config.Cfg
  • Find line (set demo_mode 1 and change 1 to 0)

The Riftbreaker Cheats & Console Commands

To open the console in-game press ´ / ö / ‘ / ñ / ù / ~ / ` (Type of keyboard language changes button to press)

cheat_reveal_minimap [0/1]Reveals the minimap
cheat_enable_debug_menu [0/1]Enables the sandbox menu; Press F11 to open
cheat_god_mode [0/1]Makes Riggs invincible
cheat_set_player_healthSets Riggs health
cheat_remove_all_units [0/1]Removes all units
cheat_remove_visible_units [0/1]Removes all units currently visible on the minimap
cheat_add_all_items [0/1]Adds all items to the inventory
cheat_add_item [Item Blueprint w/ _item] [Count]Adds a specific number of the same item to the inventory.
cheat_add_resource [Resource] [Value]Adds a specific amount of a specific resource to the player inventory.
cheat_no_clip [0/1]Riggs can walk through obstacles
cheat_full_bestiary [0/1]Unlocks the full bestiary
cheat_increase_family_info_lvl [0/1]Increases bestiary family level
cheat_hud_visible [0/1]Hides / Shows the HUD
cheat_spawn_meteor [0/1]Spawns a meteor
cheat_full_loadout [0/1]Gives Riggs an equipped heavy weapons loadout
cheat_enable_research [0/1]Allows research
cheat_unlock_research [0/1]Unlocks research
cheat_set_player_invisibility [0/1]Turns Riggs invisible
cheat_enable_discoverable_system [0/1]Enables the discovery of new species
cheat_build_building_on_random_spot [Blueprint] [Count]Spawns buildings on random spots
cheat_unlimited_money [0/1]Unlimited resources
cheat_minimap_teleport_on_click [0/1]Teleports to position on minimap (Open big minimap and click)

Debug Commands

cheat_enable_debug_menu [0/1]Enables the sandbox menu; Press the F11 key to open it.(Gives all kinds of monsters, resources, pagoda, phenomena, earthquake, etc.)
show_terrain_grid [0/1]The ground gets a colored grid depending on type of block
r_show_map_info [0/1]Shows map information top left (Map seed, player position, current tile, terrain material)
debug_mission_flow [0/1]Shows the currently active mission flow for debugging
r_show_entity_blueprints [0/1]Shows entity blueprint information
debug_spawn_entity [Blueprint] [ Y | Z | X ]Spawns an object in-game (building/unit). If no Y/Z/X coordinates are given, it spawns at playerPos
activate_mission_flow logic/weather/acid_rain.logicStarts an in-game event depending on path chosen
camera_enable_zoom [0/1]The player can zoom with the mousewheel
r_debug_rendering [vrs / occlusion / none]Shows [variable rate shading / occlusion / no] debug overlay
time_of_day_hour [Number]Changes in-game time to input number
time_factor [Number]Changes in-game speed. E.g., time_factor 2 moves at double speed, time_factor .5 moves at half speed
r_show_lua_names [0/1]Shows in-game lua names
debug_show_gui_hitboxes [0/1]Shows GUI hitboxes
debug_unlock_mission [name, def]Unlocks a campaign mission
building_speed_multiplier [decimal value]Value sets building speed multiplier. E.g., 0.5 causes buildings to build 2x as fast. Does not affect buildings already being built.
cheat_debug_difficulty [0/1]Shows current difficulty parameters as text on screen.


r_ambient_occlusion [hbao / ray / none]Changes view to [horizon based ambient occlusion / ray tracing / none] lighting implementation
r_anti_aliasing [txaa / none]Temporal anti-aliasing [enable / disable]
r_cas [cas / none]FidelityFX CAS (Contrast Adaptive Sharpening) [enable / disable]
r_soft_shadows [pcss / none]Soft shadows [enable / disable]


EXOR_DEVELOPER_BUILD == 1auto enable console
enable_developer_console == false if demo_mode == 1denies console on demo_mode
set skip_startup_logos “1”Will skip videos after initial loading/parsing is finished


r_show_fps [0 /1/ 2]Shows FPS in the top left corner, mode 1 or 2
r_max_background_fps [Number]Allows the game to run with [Number] of frames when not in focus

Resource IDs

  • carbonium
  • ironium
  • biomass_plant
  • biomass_animal
  • cobalt
  • uranium
  • palladium
  • titanium
  • ferdonite

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