The Shell of Permafrost – Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

The Shell of Permafrost - Walkthrough and Achievement Guide


✧ Three achievements are related to different endings (Fake, Normal and True),
one for watching the intro scenes and one for completing all QTEs (quick time events) on first try.
✧ Hold “Ctrl” key to skip dialogs.
✧ Press “Alt” and “Enter” simultaneously to activate windowed mode.


You can open the menu with “Esc” key while in-game.

First icon is SAVE GAME.
Second icon is CLUE LIST.
Third icon is to COMBINE clues and unlock new ones.
Fourth icon is a QUIT BUTTON, which has another 3 submenus: “To Title”, “To Desktop” and “Cancel”.


✦ Start a new game and watch the intro scenes.


✧ Interact with the tree once.
✦ Save here
✧ Interact with the tree again. Take the first choice.
✧ Here, you’ll have to complete a QTE composed of 3 sequences, on your first try.

Note: If you fail any key, you’ll fall off the tree, losing the opportunity to obtain one of the achievements.
If that happens, quit to menu and reload your save.

✦ Immediately save after completing it, don’t interact with the sparkling light before saving.
✧ Pendant will be added to your inventory.

✧ You’ll wake up inside a house. You can’t save here.
✧ Interacting with books will lead to more QTEs, once again you have to win on first try.
✦ If you fail just reload.
✧ Each book has its own QTE (red has 3 buttons, while the other two have only 2).

✧ Leave the room.
✧ Go downstairs.
✧ After a few scenes, go upstairs and take the middle door to start a conversation.
✧ Now, take leftmost door.
✧ Interact with the note on the table.
✧ Leave the room.

✦ Save here
✧ Interact with the middle door, another QTE will start. Three sets with 3, 4 and 5 buttons respectively.
✧ Interact with the middle door again.
✧ Interact with sparkling red book.
✧ Interact with sparkling bookcase.
✧ Interact with sparkling notes, pick first choice.

✧ Open menu with ESC key and choose third icon.
✧ Choose 1st and 3rd clues with “A” key.
✧ Press “Up arrow”, then “Z” to combine them.
✧ A scene will start, granting you another clue.
✧ Leave the room.

✧ Interact with the bookcase at the left end of the hall.
✧ Take the leftmost door and interact with the largest bookcase inside.
✧ Leave the room.
✧ Leave the house.

✧ Interact with the flowers right next to house – the ones in the field.
✧ Interact with the water to the right of the flowers.

✧ Re-enter the house.
✦ Save here
✧ Interact with the table (a circle will mark the spot). Pick first choice.
✧ Win the QTE on first try, 3 sets again (4 buttons each).

✧ Go upstairs and take the middle door.
✧ Interact with the red book on the floor.
✧ Open menu, pick third icon.
✧ Combine 4th and 5th clues (“A” to choose, “Up and Z” to combine).
✧ A scene will play.
✧ Your character will automatically approach the bed – don’t interact with it, yet.
✧ Instead, go to the table and interact with the note to save.
✦ Save here

✧ Now, interact with the bed and pick the first choice.

达成Fake End

✦ Load Save
✧ Interact with the door and pick bottom choice. You’ll be back inside the house.
✧ Interact with the marked flower, pick top choice when asked.
✧ Interact with RED FLOWER twice, pick bottom choice when asked.

✧ A new circle will appear on the floor, approach it but don’t interact with it.
✦ Save here
✧ Now, interact with it and pick first choice. A last QTE will show up (8 buttons this time).
✦ Reload save if you fail on your first attempt.

✧ If all QTEs were done on first try, you will get:


✧ Go downstairs – to the cellar.
✧ Interact with the marked stone on the floor.
✧ Go through a short scene.
✧ Leave the room.
✦ Save here
✧ Go downstairs and leave the house through the main door. Pick first choice.

达成Normal End

✦ Load Save
✧ Open menu with ESC key and press right arrow a few times until the hidden “best friend” note is highlighted.

达成True End

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