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The Talos Principle 2 Hints and Solutions for All Stars

Hints for all of the collectable Stars in the game, to help you on your way in figuring them out. Also includes full solutions.

The Talos Principle 2 Hints and Solutions for All Stars

Each of the twelve areas in the game have exactly two Stars to collect. These Stars are always tied to special monuments – tall statues made of gold and turquoise (cyan) which you can walk under, supported by a set of four columns. The monuments themselves are denoted by question marks on the compass (provided that “Show compass” is set to “Show” in the options), which turn into eight-pointed Star icons when approached. The Star itself will not appear at the monument initially, but will show up after meeting certain secret requirements. Once the Star is ready to be picked up, the icon on the compass will blink, and once it has been collected, it will become translucent.

The statues themselves depict one of three figures from Greek mythology – Prometheus, Pandora and The Sphinx. The requirements to have the Star appear roughly depend on the relevant figure, but the specific steps are unique to each monument. Once the requirements have been met, the Star will appear directly underneath the statue.

  • Prometheus‘s monument has you search for a so-called “sprite” hidden somewhere in the area. Once found, touching that sprite will play a unique musical theme and cause it to float away to a predetermined location in the vicinity. This repeats until it eventually reaches Prometheus’s monument. Also, a faint purple beam will constantly emit from Prometheus’s head, which points towards the sprite’s current location.
  • Pandora‘s monument require you to redirect a laser from somewhere in the area towards the monument, usually to power a receiver mounted to the Box she is holding.
  • The Sphinx‘s monuments are more cryptic. The plaques at the base of these monuments display a clue for you to figure out, usually requiring you to seek out one or more hidden switches.

After collecting a Star, it can be deposited inside the observatory at the southern edge of the Megastructure base camp. Once all twenty-four stars have been deposited, a secret cutscene will play and you will be awarded the achievement “The Edge of Forever“.

For each of these twenty-four monuments, this guide will provide a list of hints nudging you in the direction of the intended solution. All of these hints are spoiler-tagged: I personally recommend reading the next hint only if you have no idea how to continue after reading the previous one. A full solution is also provided for each Star if you are completely stumped.

Finally, this guide will make liberal use of cardinal directions to describe certain specific locations. As such, it helps if you have the compass enabled by setting “Show compass” to “Hide question marks” or “Show” in the Options menu, under the Interface section in the Gameplay tab.

East 1, “Grasslands Ring”

Prometheus’s Star

Monument location
On its own small isle in the lake, near the northern edge of the area, southeast of the Lost Lab.

  1. The sprite you’re looking for isn’t anywhere near this monument – you’ll have to get to exploring.
  2. Did you notice the faint beam coming out of the statue’s head? Where is it pointing to?
  3. It seems to be pointing to the tower entrance, but that’s not where you’ll find it. You need to look further still.
  4. You’ll find that for most of these sprites, you’ll have to venture off the beaten path. Have a look in the open area at the southeastern corner.
  5. Did you find it? Now all you need to do is “follow it until it leads you back to me”.

You can find the spark in the far southeastern corner of the area resting on a fallen column. Touch the spark, then follow it to these places:

  • West from its starting point, under a concrete canopy.
  • The start of the first tetromino bridge.
  • The platform after the first tetromino bridge (you’ll have to solve it if you haven’t already).
  • Right in front of the monument. Touch it here and the Star will appear.

Pandora’s Star

Monument location
Near Main puzzle #8, directly to the southwest.

  1. The receiver on this monument needs to be powered by a green laser. Luckily, there’s plenty of those to go around.
  2. There aren’t any items or laser emitters outside of the puzzles. You will have to use one from inside a puzzle.
  3. Seems like there’s only one puzzle that would have a clear line of sight on the monument…

From within Main puzzle #8, “Entanglement”, take the RGB Converter and connect it to the red and blue laser emitters. Then connect it to the green receiver on the monument – it’s partially obscured by a tree, but if you stand next to the plasma wall directly opposite of the puzzle entrance, it should be clearly visible.

You can either have the Converter suspended in the air (as part of the regular puzzle solution), or if you’ve already solved it before, place it down somewhere in the central area of the puzzle. You won’t have direct line of sight on both laser emitters this way, so branch one out using the regular Connector.

East 2, “Wooded Plateau”

The Sphinx’s Star

Monument location
Directly along the main path heading south, at the opposite end of the lake next to the station.

  1. Check the plaque. “2478” it seems to be some kind of passcode. But is this Star really going to be as simple as memorising a single number? Surely there must be more to it?
  2. It can be challenging to figure out what to do with these digits. I recommend completing this area first – you might stumble upon the solution by accident. If you’re still clueless after having activated the tower, read the next hints.
  3. The individual digits of this “passcode” were not arbitrarily chosen.
  4. The font of these numbers seem familiar, don’t you think?
  5. Standing in front of the monument, head to the entrance of the nearby Main puzzle in front of you, which is #5. Something should stand out to you on the way there.
  6. There’s a little switch on the backside of Main puzzle #5’s signpost. But it doesn’t seem to be doing anything…
  7. Recall hint 2. Now, also notice that “5” is not part of the passcode.

In front of every Main puzzle is a tall signpost denoting the puzzle’s number. If you look at the back of each of the signs in this area, you’ll find a small switch. The numbers on the plaque at the monument correspond to the puzzles. If you turn on the switches at Main puzzles #2, #4, #7 and #8, and leave all the others disabled, the Star will appear at the monument.

Pandora’s Star

Monument location
Just outside Main puzzle #7, to the southeast.

  1. This monument needs to be activated with a green laser. Either you need to borrow one from a puzzle, or find a tool somewhere in the wild.
  2. Main Puzzle #8 has the best line of sight on the statue – but that puzzle doesn’t have a green laser emitter in it. Is there something nearby that can help you?
  3. Did you notice the white dotted line in the sky near the Sphinx monument?
  4. One end of this line leads to a static connector on a rock overlooking Main puzzle #8. Now where’s the other end?
  5. The other end is *just* in front of Main puzzle #3. What’s unique about this one is that it’s the only puzzle in the area with an RGB Converter.

After solving Main puzzle #3, look towards the exit. Directly in front of you is a triangular gate? with a static connector perched on top of it. Use the RGB Converter to link a green laser to it, which will then be re-routed to another static connector near Main puzzle #8. Head into that puzzle and pick up a regular connector to use as the final relay between the laser source (towards the north-northeast) and the receiver on Pandora’s Box (towards the northwest).

East 3, “Eastern Wetlands”

The Sphinx’s Star

Monument location
At the eastern edge of the island, southeast of Main puzzle #4, inside a small labyrinth.

  1. “X marks the spot.” The central structure depicted on the engraving is easily recognised, and that huge humanoid statue should be hard to miss too. Have you seen it before?
  2. The statue is in the northwestern corner of the map. Try lining up your viewpoint with that of the sketch – after that, it should be clear where the “X” is pointing to.
  3. Nothing here particulary sticks out. Whatever you’re looking for must have been hidden in some way. You should carefully comb over the surroundings.
  4. That building doesn’t show up on the sketch, so it’s safe to assume what you’re looking for is somewhere in the immediate vicinity.
  5. If you look carefully, the “X” on the diagram is placed under the treeline…
  6. You’re looking for a switch.
  7. Is there anything else of even remote note in that area?

Not far from the transport station, towards the northwest, is an open structure with a roof built over the dirt path. Drop down from the cliff in front of this building and you’ll land near a set of concrete blocks, some of which are embedded into the cliff. If you look closely, there’s a switch on the underside of the leftmost block. Use the switch, and the Star will appear at the monument.

Pandora’s Star

Monument location
At the southern edge of the island, in the wood adjacent to Main puzzle #7.

  1. You need to power the Box with a green laser. Where would you go to get one? Have you seen one before in this area?
  2. There’s only one RGB Converter on the island, and it’s in Main puzzle #3. That should suffice to make green, but it’s rather far away from the monument…
  3. There’s a way to redirect a laser from this puzzle all the way to the opposite end of the island. Have a look around.
  4. Have you noticed a white dotted line in the sky while walking around the island?
  5. Try following the line to both its ends, and see what you find – and most importantly, where you find it.
  6. Assuming you’ve connected the green laser to the static connector on the rock, there’s only one step left. Where could you connect the static connector on the obelisk and the receiver on the monument with one another?
  7. You’ll need to do it from a nearby puzzle – figure out which one has the proper line of sight.

First, solve Main puzzle #3. Directly northwest of this puzzle is a static connector partially obscured by the rock it’s placed on. It’s hard to see since its colour blends into the background perfectly, but it’s there. Now connect a green laser to that hidden connector. The laser will be redirected all the way to the other side of the island, which ends on an obelisk near Main puzzle #7. Now head into Main puzzle #6 and use the regular connector at the entrance to connect this laser to the monument’s receiver. Then, the Star will appear at the monument.

North 1, “Desolate Island”

Prometheus’s Star

Monument location
On top of a lone mountain peak directly west of Lost puzzle #1 (“Passing Through”), reachable by a dirt path.

  1. There’s a lot of ground to cover in this area… don’t worry though, the sprite isn’t anywhere out on the huge shores of the island.
  2. A faint beam is being emitted from the statue’s head, and it’s pointing towards the central structure. Have another good look there.
  3. If you follow the intended path between puzzles, then you should be able to see this sprite out of the corner of your eye.
  4. You’re going to have to jump down someplace to reach it.
  5. Did you lose track of the sprite immediately after picking it up? Have a look inside the nearby puzzle.

Just before the flight of stairs leading out of the central structure and towards Main puzzle #4 is a directional sign pointing towards specific puzzles. Look past the ledge behind it and you’ll see the spark on the structure’s foundation underneath you. Jump over the ledge to reach it. Once you’ve touched it, follow it to these places:

  • Inside Main puzzle #4, on top of the pillar at the right side of the puzzle, the same one with the second Platform on it. You’ll need to perform the same stacking setup required to reach the Progress Wheel in order to touch the spark.
  • At the first Y-junction following the path out of Main puzzle #4.
  • On a ledge in front of Lost puzzle #1.
  • Directly behind Lost puzzle #1. You can reach it by skimmying around the edges of the puzzle counter-clockwise.
  • In the middle of the mountain path leading to the monument.
  • Right in front of the monument. After this, the Star will appear.

The Sphinx’s Star

Monument location
On the peak of the mountain overlooking Main puzzle #7, directly to the northwest.

  1. This engraving looks very much like an overhead map of the area, don’t you think? The letters “C”, “A” and “T” stand out there must be something to find at each of those locations.
  2. Actually, the exact positioning of the letters on the map are slightly misleading, but the general area is still correct. Take the letter “T”, for example. It’s marked as being inside a puzzle, but you won’t find what you’re looking for in there.
  3. So, if it isn’t inside the puzzle, then.
  4. Each of the letters point to a keypad placed on the outer walls of a puzzle. “C” can be found at Main puzzle #7, “A” is at Lost puzzle #2 (“Interplay”) and “T” hides at Lost puzzle #1 (“Passing Through”). Each of these keypads require you to input a unique, specific pattern.
  5. You already have everything you need to figure out what those patterns are.
  6. The letters must mean something, otherwise the keypads would have been marked on the map with a simple dot or cross. How do the letters relate to the keypads?
  7. You may already have noticed that the letters feature no curves or angles, but is strictly calligraphed with straight horizontal or vertical lines. This is actually yet another clue on what to do with the keypad.

The three letters marked on the map each denote a keypad hidden on the outer walls of the puzzle next to the given location. The specific shapes of the letters depicted on the engraving are a direct indication for which buttons on the keypad should be held down.

  • Closest to the monument is the “T”, on the western corner of Main puzzle #7. Form the letter T by pushing all buttons in the top-most row and all buttons in the middle column.
  • The “A” is found behind Lost puzzle #2 (“Interplay”), in a hidden area which can be reached by circling counter-clockwise around the puzzle from its entrance. To complete the pattern, push all buttons except row 2, column 2 and row 4, column 2, making for the letter “A”.
  • Finally, the “C” is hidden behind Lost puzzle #1 (“Passing Through”), at its southwestern corner. You can reach it by skimmying around the edges of the puzzle counter-clockwise. Push down all buttons except row 2, column 2 and row 2, column 3 – the letter “C”.

Once you’ve formed the correct pattern on a keypad, the buttons are no longer usable and will display a “Pattern is already solved” tooltip. Once all three keypads are solved, the Star will appear at the monument.

North 2, “Flooded Valley”

The Sphinx’s Star

Monument location
Immediately visible to your left when exiting the station.

  1. Looks like an overhead map of the area has been etched into the plaque. Three locations are marked with a cross. It only follows that you should find out what’s at those locations
  2. What you’re looking for is not exactly hidden. You’ll know it when you see it, and it should be obvious what you need to do afterwards.
  3. Are you lost? It might help to get acquainted with the area before you go after the marked locations. In other words, I don’t recommend going for the Star until after you’ve activated the tower.

At each of the three locations marked on the map you will find a turqouise humanoid statue with a switch at its dark grey base.

  • The first statue is on a shore east of Main puzzle #1, and can be reached by a branching path right of that puzzle’s entrance.
  • To reach the second statue, follow the dirt path to the left of Main puzzle #4 (facing south), then head left when faced with an Y-junction. The statue is at the end of this dirt path.
  • The final statue can only be reached once you’ve solved eight puzzles and completed both tetromino bridges. Just before the tower entrance, head right and cross the water to reach the isle with an obelisk on it. The statue is to the left of that obelisk.

Turn on all three switches at these statues, and the Star will materialise at the monument.

Prometheus’s Star

Monument location
On a forested island southeast of Main puzzle #3. You can reach it without drowning by crossing a shoal near the southeastern corner of that puzzle.

  1. If you guessed the sprite might be hidden in the forests somewhere, then you are correct.
  2. There’s a beam being emitted from the statue’s head. You should head into the general direction it’s pointing towards.
  3. It’s not on the the larger western island (where Main puzzles #6, #7 and the Lost Lab are).
  4. With the previous two hints in mind, the beam can only be pointing to the area in front of Main puzzle #4.

The spark is hidden in a forest clearing just north of Main puzzle #4. Find it inside an armillary sphere and touch it, then follow it to these places in order to unlock the Star:

  • Just past the Y-junction leading towards Main puzzle #4.
  • On the shore of the large southernmost island, just south of the Palm Reader.
  • On a tiny isle, not far to the southwest from the monument. You will drown if you try to follow the spark here directly from its last location, so you’ll have to go the long way around.
  • Right in front of the monument.

North 3, “Lost Marshes”

Pandora’s Star

Monument location
Directly along the main path, just past Main puzzle #2.

  1. You need a green laser to power the monument, but none of the nearby puzzles seem to have one.
  2. Lost puzzle #1 (“All Around”) has an RGB Converter, but it’s much too far away from the monument to be useful. You will need some outside help.
  3. The monument is almost directly aligned towards Main puzzle #3. So if you need a green laser from an external source, it will most likely have to go through this puzzle.
  4. The connector in this puzzle only has line of sight on the monument from the front of the puzzle. What else does the connector have line of sight on from here?
  5. As stressed in hint 2, you need outside help. Don’t consider what you can see in other puzzles from here, but rather, all other nearby landmarks.
  6. There’s an RGB Converter on the obelisk in the direction of Main puzzle #5.
  7. Now you just need red and blue laser sources. Consider the position of the obelisk to figure out where to get those from.
  8. The red laser should originate from Main puzzle #5.

Before you continue, it is recommended (but not necessary) to solve Main puzzles #2, #3 and #5 beforehand.

Just northeast of the monument is an RGB Converter perched on top of an obelisk, which is visible from all nearby puzzles. It is needed to create a green laser. First, go to Main puzzle #2, charge the Accumulator using the blue laser emitter, then connect it to the RGB Converter north of the puzzle. Next, head over to Main puzzle #5, and charge the Accumulator here using the red laser emitter. The RGB Converter is poorly visible from this puzzle and is hidden behind a fir tree roughly towards the southeast. To get proper line of sight on the Converter, place the Accumulator down just in front of the puzzle entrance.

Now that both red and blue lasers are connected to the Converter, all that’s left is to redirect the green laser towards the monument. Head into Main puzzle #3 and move the regular Connector to the front of the puzzle (use the Driller to take it through the drillable wall). From here you have a clear line of sight on both the RGB Converter and the receiver on the monument – once you power it, the Star will show up at the monument.

Prometheus’s Star

Monument location
Behind Main puzzle #1.

  1. The good news is that you won’t have to look for the sprite inside the two large forests at the edges of the island.
  2. The sprite can be found at the end of a certain path.
  3. Still clueless? Take note of the faint beam coming out of the statue’s head, which seems to be pointing in a certain direction.
  4. The beam is pointing directly towards the sprite. With the first two hints in mind, there aren’t a lot of places left to look.
  5. Did you follow the spark to a location that seems unreachable? Don’t worry – your legs are sturdy enough to climb it.

Starting from Main puzzle #7, follow the dirt path straight ahead. Once you reach the first junction (where you can also find a Token), take the path to the right. Keep following it until you reach the eastern shore, where you’ll find the Token resting on a platform in front of a turqouise statue. Climb the stairs, jump across the platforms, and touch the spark, beginning the chase with it. The spark will go to these locations:

  • The bottom of the staircase you just took.
  • Directly west from the last location, hanging over a cliff. You’ll have to jump for it.
  • Near the earlier junction, the one where you can find a Token atop a wall.
  • On top of the support beam extending from the central structure towards Main puzzle #6. You can climb it.
  • Atop a cliff just behind the Palm Reader containing an audio Log from Trevor.
  • Right in front of the monument. After this, the Star will reveal itself at the monument.

South 1, “Southern Coast”

The Sphinx’s Star

Monument location
On the shore near the central structure, across a sandbar southwest of Main puzzle #1.

  1. This pattern on the plaque is useless if you don’t know what to do with it, so start out by exploring. If you’ve already found what you’re looking for (you’ll know when you see it), skip to hint 6.
  2. What you’re looking for is visible from a distance and not a tiny object hidden in a corner somewhere. Look for secret areas instead.
  3. You’ll have to get your feet wet to find what you’re looking for.
  4. If you’re attentive, you can see it from one of the puzzles in the eastern half of the area.
  5. From the front of Main puzzle #8, walk around the cliff to its right. Soon enough, you’ll see a grid of columns laid out in a pattern similiar to what’s drawn on the plaque.
  6. A filled square denotes a pressed column. Also, remember that you can view the plaque from the Research tab of your Interface, under the Sphinx category.
  7. Is nothing happening even though you’re sure you’ve copied over the pattern flawlessly? Keep in mind that you should not mirror nor rotate the reference image!
  8. There’s only one possible alignment. Take special note of the blank spaces on the grid.

Head towards Main puzzle #8. Facing the puzzle, walk around the right-hand cliff along the southern shoreline. In the distance, you will see a set of columnar buttons laid out in a square grid.

Facing the columns from the south, push down the following: column 1 row 2, column 2 row 1 and 4, column 3 row 2, 3 and 4, and finally column 4 row 3. If you’ve copied over the pattern correctly, you will hear an audio cue of a short chant. Head back to the monument to collect your Star.

Pandora’s Star

Monument location
Directly to the right after passing under the arch in front of Main puzzle #5 and directly across the water from Main puzzle #7.

  1. None of the puzzles in this area use a green laser as part of their solution, nor are there are any RGB Converters in this area. That means you need to find a hidden green laser emitter and somehow redirect it back to the monument.
  2. The green laser needs to be redirected through two puzzles. To figure out where to start, have a look at that static connector poking out from underneath the station. Why would it be there?
  3. It might help to go back to the station and stand just above where the connector is, to get a sense of its perspective.
  4. If you followed the last hint, you’re looking right at Main puzzle #4, which is the only puzzle with a good line of sight towards the static connector. But there’s no green laser directly visible from there either. There’s more to the story.
  5. There is actually another static connector nearby, visible from this puzzle. It may be hard to see from in there, so look carefully
  6. It’s somewhere to the southeast. Still can’t see it? The next hint will tell you exactly where to look.
  7. Looking from the entrance of the puzzle, it’s on top of a hoodoo (tall stone rock formation) just beneath the cliff edge leading towards the rope bridge.
  8. From the viewpoint of the other static connector, the green laser needs to originate either from Main puzzle #2 or #3.
  9. Check the surrounding environments of Main puzzle #2 carefully.
  10. The green emitter is not immediately visible from the puzzle, but must be “uncovered”.

First, head into Main puzzle #2. Make sure the Connector and Driller are out of their respective enclosures. Now look out of the puzzle from the edge inbetween the puzzle entrance and the drillable wall. At the bottom of the cliff you’re facing (towards the east-northeast) is another drillable wall. Probe the wall with a Driller and you’ll find a green laser emitter hidden behind it. Using the Connector, send this laser towards a static connector perched on top of a tall hoodoo (tower of rocks) just northeast of you (near a Palm Reader).

Now enter Main puzzle #4 from the front entrance. Take the first Connector you see and use it as the final relay between the static connector from earlier (to the southwest) and the static connector in front of the monument (to the southeast). Both should be visible from here. Once you hear the audio cue, head towards the monument to find the Star waiting for you.

South 2, “Verdant Canyon”

Pandora’s Star

Monument location
Reachable through a narrow passage just behind Main puzzle #2 and south of Lost puzzle #1 (“Question Block”).

  1. No, the receiver on the statue isn’t missing. It’s just on the right side of the box.
  2. The receiver is at an awkward angle, isn’t it? And that purple barrier inside the cliff to the west is certainly hiding something that can help you, but how do you reach it? Try having a closer look.
  3. Hidden in that cliff’s shadow is an antigrav panel. Luckily, the nearby Lost puzzle has a Gravshifter you can use. Once you reach the alcove, you’ll find something of interest – but it won’t be enough to unlock the monument. Keep looking around the vicinity of the Lost puzzle.
  4. There’s another item you need, and it’s close by. If you haven’t already, have a look towards the northeast. (If you’ve already found this other item, skip to hint 7).
  5. Did you see the angled fans above you in the narrow canyon? Do you also see the path that lets you reach the highest one?
  6. No Gravshifters are necessary this time – you can simply climb your way to the first fan. If you trace a path backwards from it, there should be a clear starting point.
  7. Did you get the RGB Converter? You also have an Inverter, meaning all you need now is a red or a blue laser. Those static connectors ending on top of the Lost puzzle are surely involved. Where do they lead?
  8. There’s no need to overthink it now. In this case, the most obvious solution is the correct one.
  9. Use a blue laser from within a nearby puzzle.

First, you will need to make use of the static connectors mounted on the ceiling of the narrow passage behind Main puzzle #2 to redirect a blue laser in the direction of the Lost puzzle. You can do this from within Main puzzle #2 – during the final step of the puzzle, branch out the blue laser towards the closest static connector, which is partially obstructed by a tree.

Head through the passage and go behind the Lost puzzle. In the narrow canyon towards the northeast, you’ll noticed two angled fans supported by columns. To reach the first one, you’ll have to traverse the cliff behind the puzzle. There’s a spot on ground level where you can start climbing the cliff at the end opposite of the fan. Jump across the fans and you will find an RGB Converter.

Take the RGB Converter to the entrance of the Lost puzzle, then head inside. Looking towards the cliff face to your left as you enter, you should be able to see a small antigrav surface angled underneath one of the rocks. Aim the nearby Gravshifter at it. This gives you access to an elevated cliff edge, alongside a single Inverter blocked off by a purple plasma barrier. Connect the Inverter to the redirected blue laser. Finally, take the RGB Converter up here with you, and connect it to the blue laser, the Inverter, and the receiver on the monument. The Star is now yours for the taking.

Prometheus’s Star

Monument location
Roughly northeast of the station and northwest of Main puzzle #4.

  1. The sprite itself can hardly be called hidden. As long as you visit all points of interests in the map, you’ll see it eventually.
  2. Didn’t find it? Have a look at the statue’s head – it’s emitting a faint purple beam pointing in a specific direction.
  3. The beam is pointing to the sprite, which is next to one of these puzzles: Main puzzle #6, or Lost puzzle #2 (“Stowaway”).
  4. Did you lose the spark after completing the antigrav parkour course? Check around Main puzzle #8.
  5. Did you lose the spark after it flew into a puzzle? It didn’t go into the puzzle, but it is still close by.

The spark itself can be found just across the river in front of Lost puzzle #2 (“Stowaway”), which itself can be found southeast of Main puzzle #6. Touching the spark will being the chase sequence, after which you must follow it, in order, to the following locations. Get ready, it’s gonna be a long one.

  • In the middle of the river, facing southeast from the starting point.
  • At the end of a short antigrav parkour course, built into the canyon east of Main puzzle #8.
  • Atop the corner of the cliff reachable by disengaging from the end of the antigrav parkour course.
  • Behind Main puzzle #8, on the edge of a short cliff.
  • Behind Main puzzle #1, in the river.
  • At the southern edge of the mesa behind Main puzzle #2, just behind a tree branch.
  • Atop a rock formation right next to the boardwalk just northeast of Main puzzle #2.
  • At the station, in front of the capsule.
  • Right in front of the monument. Finally, the Star is yours.

South 3, “Circular Oasis”

Pandora’s Star

Monument location
Atop a hill, reachable by going right from the main path just before Main puzzle #3.

  1. The developers have not been so cruel to hide an item out in the empty stretches of the desert. All the steps you need to take can be completed from inside a puzzle.
  2. Of all the puzzles on ground level, only Main puzzle #3 has a line of sight on the monument’s receiver. But that one also doesn’t have any laser emitters in it, nor does it have line of sight on any other puzzle. Both of these problems have one solution.
  3. From here on out, there are two seperate steps to the solution that you can complete in any order. You may already have solved one, but not the other. For where to get a laser from, read hints 4 through 7. For what to do in Main puzzle #3, read hints 8 through 10.
  4. No way around it – you need outside help. The only point of interest visible from this puzzle is the central tower. It must be involved in the solution somehow.
  5. There’s something unusual about the tower. Inspect it from every angle.
  6. Did you see the blue receiver up high? Go into the nearby puzzle to power it. Once you do so, an important step in the solution will reveal itself.
  7. You might have missed it, but a small spire just ascended from the tower – it’s hard to see, but there’s also something useful on top of it.
  8. I did say there weren’t any laser emitters in hint 2, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else of use nearby.
  9. There’s an extra Connector hidden somewhere in the puzzle. However, you can’t get it if you haven’t solved the puzzle itself.
  10. Solving the puzzle causes a secret door to open on ground level.

First of all, you need to have properly solved Main puzzles #2 and #3 before you can get this Star. Using a Prometheus Token is not enough!

If you look at the central structure from the entrance of Main puzzle #2, you should be able to spot a large blue laser receiver just below the tower’s pinnacle. Use the blue laser from within this puzzle to power it – afterwards, if you look closely, you’ll see a small spire rise up from within the tower. And if you look even more closely, you can see there’s a static connector on top of that spire. You’ll have to send a red laser to that connector – use the remaining two connectors in this puzzle to do so. Place one on the rotating platform and the other in front of the first plasma wall.

Now head on over to Main puzzle #3. If you’ve solved it, go left from the entrance where you’ll find a single Connector previously behind a hidden door in the corner. Take the connector with you up the elevator, where you should now have line of sight on both the static connector atop the spire and the red receiver on the monument. Power it, then walk back to the monument to collect the Star.

The Sphinx’s Star

Monument location
Just beside the main path inbetween Main puzzles #3 and #4.

  1. No doubt about it – the map on the plaque is an overhead view of the area. There are three locations marked with crosses. It only follows that you should check out if there’s anything over there.
  2. Currently, you are standing on the right side of the map, just inbetween two large structures, which are Main puzzles #3 and #4. That should help you figure out where exactly these crosses are pointing to.
  3. The crosses themselves are approximate locations, so look all around these locations. Notice how the one in the top-left, near Main puzzle #1, has a thin line pointing at a specific corner of a structure.
  4. At each location, you’re looking for a switch mounted to a wall.

Throughout the area are three hidden switches. You need to activate all of them for the Star to appear.

  • For the first switch, head directly to the rear side of Main puzzle #1, where you’ll find it placed within an extrusion on one of the large support beams.
  • For the second switch, head to the outermost southeastern edge of the structure enveloping Main puzzle #2. It can be found on the walls here, narrowly lodged inbetween two concrete pillars.
  • The final switch can be found at the base of the central structure, directly behind the Palm Reader containing an audio log from Trevor.

After you activate the third switch, you will hear an audio cue, and the Star will be waiting for you back at the monument.

West 1, “Western Delta”

Prometheus’s Star

Monument location
East of the station and roughly south of Main puzzle #4, right besides the monorail.

  1. This sprite is hidden in an unconvential place. However, that doesn’t mean it’s hard to find. Keep progressing through this area normally, and you will surely come across it eventually.
  2. It’s inside Main puzzle #6.
  3. It’s placed just belwo the fan, but you won’t reach high enough without some support under your feet.
  4. Not sure how to follow the spark on the monorail? You might be able to jump on top of it, but there’s actually another way that involves no jumping at all.
  5. “How else would you get up there, if not by jumping on it?” Well, who said you had to *stand* on the monorail?
  6. Still have no clue? You can also always do it the hard way and jump directly on top of it. There’s a spot close to the monument that lets you do just that.

Upon entering Main puzzle #6, the spark is right in front of you, up inbetween the rafters, just above the fan. To reach it, first to activate the fan using the switch, then power one of the two moving platforms and stand on it until it reaches the fan. This will let you jump high enough to reach the spark. Keep following it through each of the locations written below to get the Star.

  • Just outside Main puzzle #6, next to its signpost.
  • Right next to a Palm Reader directly south of the monument.
  • On the monorail leading east. There are two ways to get there – you can either simply use the transport capsule to travel to another area, then come back. Alternatively, from the location of the last step, in the direction of the monument is a tiny cliff edge from which you can jump up onto the monorail.
  • Right in front of the monument.

The Sphinx’s Star

Monument location
Inbetween the station and Main puzzle #7, south of the former.

  1. You can’t do anything with just the pattern shown on the plaque – you’ll have to get to exploring to fully figure it out.
  2. What you’re looking for is somewhere within the dense forests in the southern half of the area.
  3. It’s somewhere near one of the Main puzzles. It’s fairly heavily obstructed by the trees, so look carefully.
  4. Head behind Main puzzle #6 and you’ll soon find a set of eight stone columns. Notice that there are also eight squares on the monument’s plaque.
  5. The columns can be pressed down, and if you refer to the plaque by opening the Research tab and selecting the Sphinx category, you can see that some of the squares are filled in.

Head behind Main puzzle #6, where you will find a set of eight columnar buttons laid out sporadically. The alignment matches that of the monument’s engraving.

Face the buttons looking towards the east, then press down the following: the button directly left of the rightmost one, the button diagonally right of the leftmost one, the topmost button and finally the button slightly diagonally to the right of the previous one. If you matched the pattern correctly, the Star will appear at the monument.

West 2, “Anthropic Hills”

Pandora’s Star

Monument location
Behind Main puzzle #3, reachable by following a dirt path heading west which branches out from the main path inbetween Main puzzles #3 and #4.

  1. Yes, you’ve correctly noticed that there is no receiver on this monument. But the Star puzzle is still perfectly solvable. You’ll have to think outside the box (pun intended).
  2. For the intended solution, you will need extra items from outside a puzzle. Finding those might seem like a herculean task in an environment as large as this one, but rest assured that nothing has been hidden out in the middle of nowhere. All the necessary items are hidden next to the puzzles.
  3. Did you see the drillable wall just beyond Main puzzle #6? An item you need is hidden behind it, so you’ll have to find a Driller somewhere. (If you’ve already found it, skip to hint 7.)
  4. While this drillable wall is visible from a distance, the area where the Driller is hidden is not. It is, however, very close to a puzzle and the main path.
  5. You might think that the necessary items are evenly spread across the map, and that you therefore won’t find the Driller near Main puzzles #3 and #4, since there’s also two static connectors there. But that’s not the case this time.
  6. Couldn’t find anything? Carefully double check the outer walls of Main puzzle #4.
  7. Did you find the plasma wall? There aren’t any Jammers hidden anywhere, and there doesn’t seem to be anything connected to it. That leaves only one other way to deactivate it. (If you’ve already figured it out, skip to hint 11.)
  8. It seems an Activator is needed. But don’t go looking for one outside the puzzles – you will return empty-handed.
  9. Activators work through walls.
  10. Use the Activator from inside the puzzle.
  11. By now you’ve probably taken the Driller all the way back to the drillable wall and claimed the blue Activator from within. But what should you do with it? Figuring that out is the last piece of the puzzle.
  12. Now’s a good time to come back to the monument itself. The plaque here depicts a laser emitter, just like all the other Pandora monuments. This is not an oversight, but deliberate.
  13. Take good notice of the two static connectors leading down from Main puzzle #4, which are hard to miss. One is in direct range of the monument. The other is in direct range of the entrance to Main puzzle #4.
  14. Still stumped? Don’t focus on the lack of a receiver on the Box – one will not materialise out of thin air. You already have everything needed to activate the monument.

First of all, head to the top of the stairs leading to Main puzzle #4. From here, hug the left corner of the puzzle wall, then turn right to reveal a secret passageway leading to a Driller guarded by a plasma wall. To deactivate the plasma wall, head inside the puzzle and bring the Activator into the blue laser emitter’s enclosure. Connect the Activator to the laser emitter and place it down in the top-right corner, which will deactivate the plasma wall and let you grab the Driller.

Take the Driller with you along the main path until you reach the stairs leading up to Main puzzle #7, carved into the left arm of a humanoid statue. To your left is a drillable wall with a blue Activator hidden just behind it. Take it. You can leave the Driller here – it’s not required from here on out.

Make your way back to Main puzzle #4 and set down the Activator. Go back into the puzzle, take the Connector, and use it to link the blue laser emitter with the static connector attached to the cliff just outside the puzzle, west from the entrance. Finally, take the Activator with you to the monument – connect it to the blue laser now being redirected through the static connectors and set it down in front of the monument. This will “activate” it and cause the Star to appear.

Prometheus’s Star

Monument location
Roughly southeast of Main puzzle #7, all the way across the right arm of the humanoid statue in front of the puzzle, along the cliff path heading towards Lost puzzle #2 (“Slide”).

  1. This is a huge area, and searching for the sprite like a headless chicken is not going to be a fun experience. However, if you pay attention to the monument itself, you can get a very good idea of where to look.
  2. The statue’s head is emitting a faint purple beam, which is pointing roughly westward. It looks like the sprite is somewhere beyond the canyon in the middle of the area.
  3. It doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the valley leading up to Main puzzle #8, nor somewhere else near the main path could there be a secret area out of sight?
  4. The sprite is hidden somewhere above ground level. You’ll need to do a tiny bit of climbing to reach it.
  5. Near the station is a flight of stairs leading up to an open field where you can find a Palm Reader. You need to pass through this field to reach the sprite.
  6. Read hint 3 again – is there some obstacle here low enough to climb over? Once you do make the climb, you should be able to spot the sprite.
  7. Did you follow the sprite to a location that seems impossible to reach? Don’t worry – dare to take the leap of faith.

Starting from the station, head right along the main path. Just before taking the stairs in front of you, look to your left to find another flight of stairs carved through a cliff. Climb them, and at the top you will find a Palm Reader. From here, go right again across the open field. Climb over the short rock wall at the other end of the field – in the distance, you should be able to spot the sprite under the hand of one of the large humanoid statues. Once you touch it, follow it to these locations in order:

  • Southeast of the starting point, on the edge of the open field you crossed earlier, right next to an angled fan.
  • On the flight of stairs carved into the nearby mountain. Easily reachable by taking the aforementioned fan.
  • On the edge of a cliff below the stairs carved into the leg of one of the humanoid statues holding the Gold puzzle. You can drop down to it.
  • Within the narrow canyon in the middle of the area, below the Gold puzzle.
  • East of the statue connecting the ground level to Main puzzle #7, and southeast of the nearby pond, on the edge of a cliff.
  • Down into the abyss from the last location. If you drop down, you will automatically be catapulted up, towards the monument.
  • Right in front of the monument. Touch it again to unlock the Star.

West 3, “High Plain”

The Sphinx’s Star

Monument location
On top of the cliff overlooking Main puzzle #4, to its northwest, marked by two arm sculptures holding on to the cliff.

  1. Have a look at the engraving on the monument. Two things stand out – the many hands seemingly sticking out of the ground, and the small circled X. As one famous faux-archeologist once said: “X marks the spot”.
  2. Those hands would certainly stick out as a landmark. In fact, if you’re standing in front of the monument right now, you can see them in the distance.
  3. Still don’t see them? Head back towards the transport station, they should be easily visible from there.
  4. Now you need to determine what that X is doing there. Try lining up your viewpoint with that of the engraving as closely as you can. Remember that you can always easily refer to the engraving again by opening the Research tab of your Interface, and selecting the Sphinx category.
  5. The X seems to be pointing to the northwestern wall of the crater in which Main puzzle #8 has been built. But there’s nothing on the inner wall there, is there? Make sure you’ve taken a close look at it.

The walls of the crater in which Main puzzle #8 has been built is divided into eight sections by eight flights of stairs. Facing the northwestern wall (in the direction of the nearby Palm Reader under the sculpture of many hands), you will notice several narrow openings. Head through one of these to find yourself behind the inner wall. You’ll find a small switch on the outer edge here – activate it, and the Star will materialise back at the monument.

Prometheus’s Star

Monument location
Southeast of the station, inbetween Main puzzle #8 and the Gold puzzle.

  1. Actively looking for the sprite here is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack. I recommend continuing through the area normally if you haven’t already activated the tower – as long as you look around all the points of interest, you will probably stumble upon it naturally.
  2. The faint beam being emitted from Prometheus’s head seems to be a clue on where to find the sprite. It looks like it’s pointing in the direction of the station, but you won’t find it there.
  3. You can actually see the sprite’s starting point all the way from the monument. But it is rather far.
  4. Check the surroundings of Main puzzle #4.

Looking westward from Main puzzle #4, you should see a large humanoid statue partially buried in the ground, with its left hand sticking out. Climb the’s statue hand, and you will find the sprite on top of its index finger. After you touch the sprite, it will fly away to the following locations, in order:

  • Left of the end of the dirt road connecting Main puzzles #4 and #5.
  • At the start of the road heading from Main puzzle #5 towards Main puzzle #6, just before the flight of stairs heading down a hill.
  • Inside Main puzzle #6 (“Mobile Instruments”), within the recess inside the northern wall where you find a Platform, accessible by fan. You will need to place a Hexahedron on the fan and jump on it to be able to reach the spark.
  • At the top of the stairs southeast from Main puzzle #6.
  • At the start of the road connecting Main puzzles #7 and #8, past two obelisks and in front of a circular gate.
  • Next to the Palm Reader under the sculpture of many hands, near Main puzzle #8.
  • Northeast of Main puzzle #8, just in front of a narrow canyon leading towards the Gold puzzle.
  • Right in front of the monument. Touch it and the Star will appear.


This guide was written by Mauritsio solely for publishing on the Steam Community platform. I have not given and will not give my permission for this guide to be hosted anywhere else. If you are reading this somewhere other than Steam, I would be grateful if you could notify me through my Steam profile.

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