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The Yellow King Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

This guide will give new players a general idea of how the game is played, and things to focus on.

The Yellow King Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

When you first open The Yellow King you will be asked to make an account. This process is very quick, and can be mostly done (besides the e-mail verification) within the game itself. The account name you choose here will be your characters name in the game.

Upon loading into the game, you will be in the middle of a field, this is called the Overworld. This map isn’t very large, but there are a lot of places to go from it, and there are monsters spawns so be careful. Around the edge of the Overworld, there are blue portals. These will take you to various mini-dungeons. In one section of the Overworld, there are three “Gates” labelled “Solo” “Guild” and “Group”. These are the endless actual dungeons.

You will notice on the top left of your screen, you have a set amount of Coins and Runestones. These are the two types of currency available currently in The Yellow King.

On the bottom right you will notice your weapon and trinket inventory. This is where the items you are wearing will appear.

In between the gates for the Solo/Guild dungeons there is a chest that you can use. This is your storage. Your Storage inventory, and Character inventory can both be expanded using Coins or Runestones. (Runestones for Trinket Equip slots, Gold for Weapon Equip slots, and storage slots)

This author highly recommends getting as many trinket equip slots as possible at the beginning. Then work on storage for trinkets.


These dungeons aren’t long, might not have a boss, and might not even have treasure. They will be updated at a later date I’m sure to make them more immersive, but for now I would use them to practice mechanics like getting used to jumping, the camera angle, combat, etc. before you go into the actual dungeons.

Actual Dungeons

Each player has a set amount of lives in the Solo dungeon, and each Guild/Group has a set amount in their respective dungeons. Once the lives reach 0, you will no longer be able to respawn in the dungeon, and must leave. When you leave, the dungeon will reset to the first room, and your life count will reset. Allowing you to try and get further, or take a different path. Every day the dungeon layout resets to a random one, and the leaderboards are refreshed.

At the beginning of all 3 dungeons, there is 3 weapon racks in the main room, and 5 or 6 barrels of food. These are useful at first for trying out different weapons, and later on, for refilling your health after running through a bunch of rooms.

The items you get throughout the actual dungeons are scaled, so for roughly every 10 character levels you should go 10 rooms out or so. Higher level trinkets can give good amounts of skills, if you are having trouble finding them, go further out from the center room (Marked by a star).


There are a LOT of breakable items in The Yellow King, these include Walls, Barrels, Vases, Chests, Weapon Racks, Rune Pillars, and Cooking Spits.

Certain walls can be broken, you can tell which by the about to cave in look, and the fact that they make a sound when you hit them. Be sure to take note of what it looks like when you find one, as they all look similar. Behind these walls can be Hidden Shops, which sell items for Runestones, or just loot in the form of breakable barrels, chests, weapon racks, pots and Rune Pillars (These are black with glowing red Runes on them). Weapon Racks and Chests have a chance to be Mimics, however they will still drop their loot upon defeat.

  • Rune Pillars, Pots, and Barrels can drop Runestones or Gold.
  • Barrels of Food and Food Spits will drop food to heal the player.
  • Barrels of Weapons will drop a random weapon.

Weapons and Weapon Stats

Throughout your adventuring you will find various weapons (+1 green items, +2 blue items, and +3 yellow items). These weapons will require certain skills in order to be used. All the gray items in the game don’t require skills, but they will tell you what skills you should look for if you want to use the upgraded version of that weapon.

An example is a Heavy Spear +1, this green item requires +20 polearm, +20 slashing, and +20 two hand skill. These skills can be increased via trinkets.

Trinkets found in the game have 2-3 stat lines, and will give skill amounts, but these are random and the 3 stats might not mesh well together. For example you could have +2% shield damage, +26 Two Hand Skill, and +16 Ranged Skill on one piece. At the beginning of the dungeon, most trinkets will be green or white, and will give 10 or less to a certain skill. Finding higher level trinkets gives higher level bonuses. To find these you must be exploring past the 10th room, minimum, probably closer to the 15th or 20th.

In order to use the Heavy Spear +1 from above, I had to find 3 different trinkets, each one giving the minimum of +20 to one of the skills required. My luck was also not good so I wasn’t able to use it until level 17.

Misc. Info

  • Holding a weapon attack charges it up, and each weapon has unique charge attacks.
  • Hitting G will drop your currently selected weapon, careful.
  • Hitting Tab in a dungeon will show you a map of your progress (you can also click your minimap)
  • You can use /1, /2, /3, /4 to change through the chat channels.
  • It’s easiest to run up to a person you want in your party, hit F to inspect them, then click invite to invite them to your group (same for guilds).
  • Don’t stress too much about keeping weapons, they’re not that hard to find and take up a lot of room.
  • The middle mouse button will throw your current weapon, but worry not, it will automatically come back after a little bit.
  • Hitting Shift and a direction will roll in that direction.
  • Hitting Shift then Jump is a fast way to travel. Using Crouch when Jumping allows for higher jumps.

It’s end. I hope “The Yellow King Beginners Guide” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

Written by Rick

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