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Titan Quest Anniversary – Fireball-oriented Fire Mage Build Guide


This is a guide on the Conjurer (Fire + Spirit) build focusing on fireball attack (fire-damage staff with Ternion attack skill). I like fire mage and I like this style because it is more fun, it fits more to the fire mage fantasy (I think) and it’s strong, compared to some other styles such as Eruption or Volcanic Orb oriented.


  • Staff with Ternion attack scales well, better than spells. The reason is that a spell damage only scales with int and +% elemental damage while staff with Ternion attack scales with the staff as well. You can also enchant staff for debuffs etc
  • Very good AOE while still good at killing bosses
  • Relatively tanky, compared to other mage builds. No need to kite melees.
  • Two life-saver skills: Death Ward and Stone Form.


  • Difficult to have a balanced fixed gear set — need to swap gears depending on the zone / boss
  • Not the fastest boss killer


Damage source:

  • Use a fire staff with ternion attack, with debuff enchants, as the main damage source
  • Lich King and Outsider as secondary damage source


  • Vs boss or a small mobs: stay in the melee range so that all 3 of the ternion fireballs hit the target, and to make use of spirit debuffs
  • Vs big mobs: attack from max range

Attribute Distribution

  • Dexterity: just enough for gear requirement. I use around 10 points.
  • Health: some points to get like 4 – 5k HP on Legendary Act 1 and 5 – 6k HP on Legendary Act 4 and 5. I use around 20 – 30 points.
  • Intelligence: all of the rest

Skill Distribution


  • Earth Enchantment tree: full. Good offense and defense buffs. The basic skill is high priority.
  • Volatility: full. Good offense buff. High priority.
  • Heat Shield: full. Good defense buff.
  • Stone Form: 1 point (basic skill only). Very good defense cooldown.
  • Ring of Flame: 1 point (it drains too much energy at high level). Soften Metal: max. Good debuff.


  • Ternion Attack tree: full. High priority.
  • Death Ward: full. Very good auto-triggered defense cooldown.
  • Deathchill Aura tree: full. Very good debuffs.
  • Summon Outsider: full. Very good boss killer.
  • Lich King tree: full (except Wraith Shell only needs 1 point). Good support/boss killer.
  • Spirit Ward tree: full. Good offense/defense buff.

Set-Up and Gears

It’s difficult to have a balanced fixed gear set, due to the nature of caster gears. Thus, it’s recommended to have a sort of default set, and bring a few pieces for each gear slot then swap them depending on the zone / boss. Especially that vs bosses, this character is best to be at melee range, as mentioned.

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