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Total War Three Kingdoms: Guide to Administrators

Guide to Administrators

Characters may be appointed to manage commanderies you own as administrators. You can appoint administrators in the court panel by clicking on a free administrator slot, selecting a character to assign, then choosing the commandery you wish them to manage. New administrator slots are unlocked by advancing your faction rank or by researching certain reforms.

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Administrators increase commandery income, reduce commandery corruption and increase your army cap. They also grant further bonuses based upon the character’s strengths.

When a character is appointed you will pay them an extra salary, on top of the salary you pay them according to their title rank, and if they are suited to the role, their satisfaction will improve.

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Further characters may be assigned to work in a commandery alongside the administrator. See the assigments entry for more details. The office of the administrator represents a close-proximity working environment with any assignments, so character relations are important to consider when choosing characters for these positions.

If an administrator’s satisfaction drops too low, they may consider breaking away from your faction to form their own, taking the commandery they govern with them.


You can assign extra characters to work in a commandery, granting bonuses to certain aspects of that commandery’s productivity. With the commandery selected, click the assignments button in the commandery panel. This will enable you to browse your available characters, and scrutinise the benefits they will bring to the commandery if they are assigned to work there.

Extra assignment slots can be unlocked through higher factions ranks and by researching certain reforms. These enable you to assign even more characters to the commandery, further enhancing or diversifying its productivity bonuses.

The office of the commandery’s administrator and any assignments represents a close-proximity working environment, so character relations are important to consider when choosing characters for these positions.

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