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Total War Three Kingdoms: Guide to Reinforcements

Armies are used to protect your empire from military incursion by other factions, expand your empire by capturing new commanderies and counties, and defeat enemy armies in battle.

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Guide to Reinforcements

An army that is within the zone of control of a friendly army or settlement which is attacked will join the battle as reinforcements. Likewise, an army that attacks a target while a friendly army (or settlement) is within its zone of control will gain the friendly army (or settlement garrison) as reinforcements when the battle commences.

Reinforcements do not deploy at the start of the battle along with the chief belligerents. When battle commences, they will march onto the battlefield from the outfield area. The exception to this rule is when an army has been stationed in a settlement. When a battle over that settlement begins, the stationed army will begin the battle within the settlement, alongside any settlement garrison.

Reinforcements are not available in night battles.

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