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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Updated Medieval Units

I thought many of the other guides to making medieval units in my personal opinion weren’t very good and didn’t appeal to me very much. So I decided to make my own set of medieval units to post as a guide, I hope you like it. Then again you may not like it, I’m always open to feedback and recommendations for changing these units. It will be updated as I create more. At the time of posting this I only have two finished. These are relatively accurate historically, it’s as good as I could get them with vanilla TABS, anyways, enjoy.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Updated Medieval Units

Welcome! This guide will show you how to make some of my custom medieval units, they will be semi – realistic, with limitations due to the accessories being limited in realism. But nevertheless I have brought you some characters I made, I hope you enjoy, please feel free to leave feedback and ideas for future characters. I will try to check in often to hear what you say, this will be updated whenever I create new medieval character, have fun!

One last thing! This guide will not show the stats of any characters, sorry.

The Knight

Updated Medieval Units

My Description: The Knight is an all around fighter, with high damage, slow movement speed, and strong plate armor, they are countered by the archer, which can easily pass their block and pierce through cracks in their armor.

All accessories are shown in the photo, but here they are in case you are having difficulty seeing them:

  • Medieval Shirt 02
  • Medieval Elbow Armor 01
  • Medieval Wrist Guard 03
  • Medieval Shoulder Pad 01
  • Farmer Belt 00
  • Fantasy Good Pants 05
  • Medieval Calf Armor 01
  • Wilnyls Sandals 00
  • Wilnyls Gloves
  • Medieval Helmet 01
  • Medieval Vest 00
  • Artemis Skirt 00
  • Ottoman Scarf 00
  • Tabg Balaklava
  • Pattern Mask – Any Works, since it is colored solid anyways

All of these armor pieces can be swapped out to your liking if you wish, I will not list the colors used besides a few hard to see pieces for instruction, the rest you can color yourself to your perfect liking.

  • Balaklava – Grey, to represent Chainmail.
  • Sandals – Brown for the soles of the shoes.
  • Pattern Mask – This is black, to show shadow in the helmet, this is an optional accessory, if you don’t want shadow.

Pants will be brown. The loops on the Farmer Belt will be metal, and the belt will be brown. And the rest is up to you.

And lastly for his weapon, I used the Squire Sword.

The Archer

Updated Medieval Units

My Description: The Archer as previously mentioned is a counter to the knight, able to deal high damage with their bow, the recurve bow they wield is effective with high speed and damage, but the archer is weak and can be easily killed by a strike.

  • Ottoman Scarf 00
  • Medieval Chest Armor 00
  • Medieval Pants 00
  • Wild West Boots 00
  • Quiver Belt 00
  • Knight Hood 00
  • Tabg MC Helmet 02

And lastly for his weapon, I used the Poacher Bow, the projectile is changed to a regular arrow.


Updated Medieval Units

My Description: The Shieldbearer is a counter to the Archer, capable of blocking their arrows, and dealing enough damage to dispose of them. Against soldiers like the knight, they might not be as effective, both being on relatively even ground. The Shieldbearer although has lower health with less armor, and is slow as well.

  • Medieval Shirt 02
  • Medieval Pants 01
  • Wilnyls Gloves 00
  • Medieval Helmet 01
  • Medieval Vest 01
  • Artemis Skirt 00
  • Ottoman Scarf 00
  • TABG Balaklava
  • Pattern Mask – Any version is fine.
  • Medieval Calf Armor 02
  • Knight Boots 00
  • Medieval Shoulder Pad 01
  • Medieval Wrist Guard 02
  • Farmer Belt 00

Color however you’d like.

That’s all for now!

I hope you enjoyed, as said before, feel free to leave feedback, I’d be happy to hear it, if you dislike anything please tell me what it is, I will be happy to go in and see if I can fix it.

Written by Sir Lancelot

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