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Travellers Rest Achievement Guide

Travellers Rest Achievement Guide: A guide to get all the 18 Steam Achievements of the game!

Travellers Rest Achievement Guide

One thing that you might want to take into consideration is that most of the Achievements in this list are STACKABLE, meaning that you have a progress bar that fills as you complete the required task, regardless if you save your progress at the end of the day, or if you do it in different save files (it still counts even if you do so), so it is pretty hard to miss the mark on most of them.
We’ll be dividing the Achievements in 4 blocks:

  1. Self-explained Achievements: (those which do not need further explanation)
  2. Farming-related Achievements: (those that you get by farming and harvesting)
  3. Animal training related Achievements: (those that you get by training certain pets)
  4. Tavern, cooking and crafting related Achievements (the largest category, and by far the one you will spend the most time with)

Self-Explained Achievements

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideSmall Business Owner:Earn 100 gold coins.
It is that simple: you need to open your tavern each day and sell brews and cooked dishes in order to gain coins (100 copper coins equals 1 silver coin, and 100 silver coins equals 1 gold coin)

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideBusiness Owner:Earn 800 gold coins.
Same as the previous one. These two Achievements are STACKABLE as I mentioned at the beginning of the guide, so just keep playing and eventually you’ll get both of them. It shouldn’t take more than 10-15 hours.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideReaper:Cut 1000 weeds.
You have to use the copper scythe which is given to you for free following the tutorial tasks, and use it to cut the weeds that grow outside of your tavern. This is a stackable achievement as well.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideInsomnia:Overnight 10 times.
This was ironically the achievement that took me the longest time to figure out how to do, but it is pretty simple. You might have noticed that when you are playing, you have a time warning at 2.00 a.m., telling that you are starting to fall asleep, and that you should go to bed. The only thing you have to do is ignore this warning and spend one more hour fooling around so you will finally faint at 3 a.m. You have to do this 10 times, and then the achievement is done.

Note: I suggest to do this gradually, not all days in a row, as fainting makes you get up later the day after.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideHomegrown: Harvest 300 crops.
Not much of a mystery, you have to buy 300 seeds at the mailbox in front of your tavern (5 copper coins each) and plant them in your backyard (for that you have to get the copper shovel and the copper hoe, which you get by completing the quests on the very first days of the game).

Travellers Rest Achievement GuidePraise corn!: Harvest 50 corn plants.
You can complete this achievement at the same time than the previous one. The corn seeds are unlocked from the beginning of the game, so you can use those or any other seeds that you have unlocked to complete both of them.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuidePurfect!:Reach the highest level of affinity with your cat.

Within the first few days of the game, an stray cat will show up in your tavern (you can then personalize his appearance and his name) You have to buy a cat bed (24 silver and 27 copper coins) and a water bowl (19 silver and 50 copper coins) for your new pet via Mailbox (the ideal place to put them both is near the fireplace of your tavern). You will have to fill the water bowl daily in order to keep the cat with you (if you don’t, the cat will eventually leave you), and pet him at least once a day (pressing E near him), as a heart above his head fills gradually. Once you’ve done this for a few days, you will see a golden crown above the heart, and then the achievement will be done.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideEggs-plosion:Incubate an egg until it hatches.

Most important thing here, you won’t be able to complete none of the two following achievements unless you get to day 23 within the game calendar. Meanwhile, save as much money as you can, because you’re gonna need some gold coins for your first visit to Crowly (NPC). You can find him every Wednesday and Thursday after 19.00h getting southwest of the Tavern (if you’re not sure or you lost track of the days of the week, I suggest you to buy a Wall Calendar at the Mailbox for 80 silver coins). Therefore, you have to wait till 19.00h outside the area, otherwise, he won’t show up.

Travellers Rest Achievement Guideif you travel all the way south to your tavern you will find this stone stairs…

Travellers Rest Achievement Guide…and in the new area, you have to head south east till you see this dark path covered in grass….

Travellers Rest Achievement Guide… that will lead you to this area with the campfire.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideIf you have followed all the steps and you enter the area within the time and the days I mentioned, you will find Crowly…

Travellers Rest Achievement Guide…and his store.

Once you’ve reached day 23 and found Crowly, you can have a short conversation with him, and then you will have access to his store (you have an image above that shows the shop stock, but the prices might not be the same as yours due to te XP technology investments that allows the player to have reduced buying prices). Here you have to buy 3 things: an egg (aproximately 8 gold coins) 20 bird treats (aprox. 15 silver coins each, although I would suggest to buy a couple more just in case you feed one or two by accident at the wrong time) and a bird perch (wooden perch aprox. 2 gold coins, medieval perch aprox. 4 gold coins, and the imperial perch aprox. 5 gold coins). Thats why I highly suggest you to save between 15 and 20 gold coins before paying a visit to the store.

Note: the cheapest perch will do the job, although if you buy one of the most expensive ones it will look better.

You have to keep this egg in the speed-bar inventory, and just keep walking and doing normal tasks; eventually, it will hatch and become a bird (you can name it and place it in the hanger you have to previously place in your tavern as well).

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideEarly Bird:Reach the maximum training level of a bird for the first time.

Then, you have to keep an eye on the bird, because it will randomly say things to your customers (which can be positive or negative); whenever you see it saying a positive thing, you may approach and feed him a treat (the ones you have bought from Crowly) using the E command on the keyboard. This will fill a bar (which you can consult by pressing Q near the bird) and will determine whether the bird says good or bad things more often. However, you can only give two treats per day to the bird, and it takes 20 treats to get it to the maximum level, so it will take 10 days to complete.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideBoot them out!:Kick out 30 angry customers.

On the first week of your tutorial, you will be taught how to deal with angry customers; they randomly appear throughout the day, with a red angry face showing in a dialogue bubble above their head. Normally you would approach them inmediately and ask them to calm down, but we won’t do this for some time; instead, let them be angry and get up from their chair, and then get close to them and swipe your broom in their face. You have to do this 30 times to get the achievement. This is a STACKABLE one as well.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideCarnivore:Serve 1000 meat dishes:

This Achievement will require you to first unlock some skills from the tech tree using skill points. For this purpose, you can use these following talents (which you can unlock in the cooking section of the skill tree, with the costs representing R for de Red Points, B for the Blue Points and G for the Green Points)

  • Stew: R3 B2 G3
  • Roasting: R2 B1 G2
  • Sausage: R4 B1 G2

Any of these dishes can be done at your kitchen using just one piece of meat (pork, beef or chicken) which you can buy at the Mailbox. Once you have cooked them, the only thing you have to do is add them to your tavern inventory and serve them to your clients. Make sure you don’t add any veggies to the recipe, otherwise it won’t count. This Achievement is STACKABLE.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideHerbivore:Serve 1000 veggie dishes.
This is the same than the previous one, but serving dishes without any meat in them. For these purpose you can use any dish that does not need to be served with meat (soup (R3 B0 G2) or stew (R B G) would be the most obvious ones), then proceed the same way we described in the previous one. This might take some time, but it is stackable, so don’t give up!

Note: dishes that contain grain as bread or porridge do not count towards this achievement unless you add any vegetable to the recipe.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideArtisan:Craft 50 items.

This one is quite easy once you have completed the tutorial and unlocked the crafting area outside your tavern. Any item crafted at the 3 stations (carpentry, woodwork, stone or metal works) counts towards this achievement, so pick the ones which you find easier in terms of materials or time requirements. This is an stackable achievement.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideGood host:Rent 100 rooms.

This one might take some time. It won’t be until you reach tavern reputation level 8 that you unlock the construction mode. Once you get there and buy the construction table (I highly suggest you to pay attention to the construction mode tutorial) you can build some rooms for rentals (you will unlock more with each new level of tavern reputation that you reach, so try to have at least 4 of five to speed this up, because you can only rent each room one time per day), the good news are that rentals are highly profitable and that this achievement is… yes, you got it, STACKABLE!

If you need more info about rentals (costs, furniture, haggling…), take a look at the related page of the Wiki.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideMaster Brewer:Brew 100 kegs of beer.

This one will take some time to complete too, due to the long, multistep procedure you have to follow to craft one single keg of beer (you will learn how to do it during the first days of the tutorial). If you want to speed it up a little bit, I’ll leave here some advice:

  • Once you reach reputation level 8 and you are able to access the construction mode, expand your crafting area, so you can allocate multiple malting machines, brewing barrels and fermentation tanks. The more of these you have, the less time you will spend to get the achievement.
  • You can buy those crafting stations via your Mailbox (altough they are not presicesly cheap: a malting machine costs ; a brewing barrel cost ; and a fermentation tank costs , but you can reduce that price by unlocking some nodes of the XP upgrades, which are available once you reach tavern reputation level 3, and you can fill up with experience you get by completing orders on the bulletin board).
  • I personally suggest you not to buy them, but craft them in the correpondent stations. You can craft a Malting machine at the Blacksmith Table (this one you can craft at the Sawmill) altough one is enough for this task, due to the short processing periods it has. You can craft a Brewing Barrel at the Sawmill (60 wooden planks, 10 iron sheets and 30 iron nails) and a Fermentation Tank at the Stone Workshop (40 stone block, 15 iron bar, 30 iron nails, 3 mortar) once you have unlocked its correpondent nodes on the skill tree and the correpondent crafting stations for its components.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideLocal supplier: Deliver 20 orders.

This function is ulocked once you reach tavern reputation level 4. Outside of your tavern you will find a bulletin board with three sections (employees management, calendar and deliveries). Every day three new delivery requests will appear here, and you have all day till you go to bed to fill them up (you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but it is pretty useful). You have to elaborate the food and brews with the modifiers that are described in the petition, and then click the delivery you want to fullfill (it will then appear at te right side of the screen), and finally click in the item in your inventory that matches the requirements of the order (left click to add all of them at once, right click to add them one by one). Once the number required is met, you can click in the order to send it and automatically collect the XP points (you can invest them buying new skills). Do this 20 times and the achievement is done!

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideThis is the bulletin board…

Travellers Rest Achievement Guide…then you have to open the poster on the right that highlights when you swipe your mouse above it…

Travellers Rest Achievement Guide… and finally this window will pop up.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideClean as a whistle: Clean 200 tables.

This is easy, although it might take a few days. Just clean the tables that get dirty while your tavern is open (pressing E near them). It can be helpful to press V to see the tavern view (it highlights dirty tables and floors so its easier to see them as they pop). Just keep wiping and you’ll get it in no-time.

Note: It only counts if YOU clean the tables yourself, not counting the ones that your staff cleans for you.

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideDo you have a reservation?:Get 50 simultaneos customers in your tavern.

This one is, without a doubt, the achievement that will take you ages to complete. You have to reach at least reputation level 16 in order to expand your customer capacity, and then build more space in the construction mode, add more tables and decor. Hiring staff is highly recommended as well to manage the crowd. So don’t give up!

Travellers Rest Achievement GuideYou have to look at the maximum occupancy number: if it is below 50, you won’t be able to fullfill this achievement.

Written by Erelain

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