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Undead Horde: Achievements Guide

Become a necromancer and raise the dead – Undead Horde is a necromantic action game with elements from RPG, strategy and hack’n’slash. Maraud through the lands of the living, raze their villages and steal their treasures. Ultimately you’ll take over the whole kingdom of the living!

Achievements Guide

Consider that guide as Spoiler cause i give you the direct solution.

Rule Alwyn
Eliminate enemies and destroy buildings on all Alwyn territory’s maps.

Rule Catacombs
Eliminate enemies and destroy buildings on all Catacombs territory’s maps.

Rule Burning Rock
Eliminate enemies and destroy buildings on all Burning Rock territory’s maps.

Rule Wastelands
Eliminate enemies and destroy buildings on all Wastelands territory’s maps.

Rule Citadel
Eliminate enemies and destroy buildings on all Citadel territory’s maps.

A New Era
Finish the game then use the Urn to launch the second Era.

Activate all statues of SIMPLE units in your crypt.
If you want to conquer everything, you will get it easily.

Summon a hero unit in your crypt. You’ll have to do the quest to unlock Dazbog first. This quest is in the catacombs. Once available, summon John, which is the hero unit that costs the least.

Kinahmo Fried Chicken
Once you restored the portals you’ll reach Alwyn’s Forest. Follow the main road and kill all chicken groups you’ll find. Don’t touch anything else then open your menu and do “Respawn” to reinitialize the map and get more chicken groups to kill again. Use your Fire Ball staff to kill them easily.

Kill enemies, destroy buildings, you’ll get it easily.

Summon 50 zombie chicken in your crypt and there you go.

A Thousand Corpse
Reanimate 1000 corpses. Reanimate doesn’t mean summon. You’ll have to use the corpses you find on the map or the enemy bodies to do that one.

The Lidless Eye Socket
Enter at least 1 time on each maps. The Benevictor’s Dungeon count as well.

The Ultimate one. Conquer ALL maps.

If you explore all maps and talk to all skeletons in cages, you’ll get all quests easily.
Then you just have to complete them all.

The hardest of all achievements. But here is how you can prepare to hunt them. On outdoor maps there’s ONLY 1 secret. It’s a hidden buried chest so open your eyes. In the Treant Forest though the chest isn’t buried but hidden along the river on the right just near the entrance of the map. On indoor maps it’s where it gets harder : you really have to open your eyes to see the chests/levers hidden behind pillars or statues or rubbles or in the corner of a corridor. And don’t forget to check walls and winged statues which could have a button that open a way to a secret.

Scrooge McDead
Seems hard and tiring but not at all. Destroy everything you find and sell all the items you don’t need and you’ll get it easily.

Death Dealer
Sell 20 skulls. Buying one to sell it counts too.

Summon at least 20 chickens. Because when you’ll find/buy a ring of Plague you’ll be quite far in the game already. Then find a group of ennemies or a cyclop and activate the ring while launching the chickens. Easier to do it at the Citadel. You can also use a ring of Protection to avoid having your chickens getting annihilated.

Secret hidden in the Old Castle Dungeon of the First Era.

Grim Reaper
Easier to think than to do because the scythe is slow and does not do much damage. But once you are at the citadel, it will be easier because you will find some weak enemies seen at the beginning of the game. Make lures while you take the last breath of three peasants at once.

Go to Hillsburud. Reach the north-east of the map and you’ll find a cemetery with 2 range of 3*4 tombs. Stand in the middle of these ranges and you should be able to raise 16 skeletons at once.

Undead Trainer
Do you remember the chickens ? Just one unit and the ring of Protection and there you go.
There’s plenty ways of doing that one.

Buy a Chickenizing Staff if you can’t find one. Be careful though cause this spell depends of 2 conditions : the target’s HP AND if it’s a living being.

Written by Talamarie

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