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VillageRhapsody How to Become The Richest Oil (farming) Baron of all time

A comprehensive guide on how to become the richest man in the hemisphere using nothing but your bare hands (child labor) and hard work (exploitation of the vulnerable).

1. Humble Beginnings

You have either just started out and have grandiose dreams of fortune, or have been struggling to obtain a good chunk of change. But have no fear, everything can be used to earn yourself a ludicrous amount of money.

So to start off, ignore all the women who are trying to talk to you. They are merely distractions from the true path to absolute riches, after all you can just buy them later.

Head straight to the mine with your pickaxe in hand and mine stones until you gain a gold ore as seen below.

How to Become The Richest Oil (farming) Baron of all time

After this, the tomfoolery can begin.

2. The Prelude to Madness

After obtaining your precious gold ore, you want to quickly run down to the general store and immediately purchase as much illusion bloom as you can (6-7).

How to Become The Richest Oil (farming) Baron of all time

After your purchase you should head back to your farm and plant your illusion bloom, making sure to water it. Enter a cycle of sleeping, waking up, watering, and sleeping again for about 6 days. (Until its ready to be harvested).

How to Become The Richest Oil (farming) Baron of all time

Sadly, we can’t live up to our dream of being like Nestle (yet) and have to use our bare hands to harvest the illusion bloom instead of child labor.

Finish harvesting your illusion bloom and sell it back to the shopkeeper for a healthy profit of around 3,150 Coins.

3. The Butterfly Effect

Now having made a healthy profit you might be satisfied.
Return to the shopkeeper with your newfound wealth, and buy EVEN MORE illusion bloom.
Use your greedy appendages to grab every illusion bloom seed you can and leave.
Now plant it and repeat the process for growing in step 2, netting you a healthy profit of almost 10k coins!

You know what comes next though, buy more illusion bloom and keep repeating the process!

4. A Sudden Wall.

Now as you may have noticed, you are already quite wealthy. But this obviously isn’t enough to quench our insatiable greed.

You have probably ran into the problem of not having enough stamina to water all of your crops, and may have tried to mitigate that using other crops to refuel your stamina.
But you aren’t thinking like a TRUE tycoon, instead of taking several minutes to water all the crops by hand we must begin automating using the beautiful power of child labor (this is why I said yet).

5. The Beautiful Power of Automation

Finishing harvesting all of your illusion bloom until your plot is completely flat, just like when you first arrived. We are gonna take a short break from our current endeavor and dip our hands into other markets, mainly the Sprinkler market.

Sadly we cant just buy everything with money (unlike real life) and must use some manual labor to obtain wood, copper, and iron. We are going to be being as many medium Sprinklers as we can from the carpenter, (Each medium sprinkler can cover 24 slots of fertile ground around it, while a larger sprinkler can only cover 47 which isn’t much compared to its sharply increased price)

These are no ordinary sprinklers powered by electricity (that comes with a taxable monthly fee)
these sprinklers contain children, and use their tears to water your crops twice a day.
The tears have quite a positive effect on the crops, providing superior hydration and nutrients compared to normal liquid water.

Arrange your sprinklers in such a way that the edge of the squares it waters are just up against each other. Now all you should have to do is plant your illusion bloom and wait for it to grow, no longer will you have to manually water everyday.

6. Unlimted Riches (end?)

With the wealth you have amassed, purchase a better scythe from the shopkeeper so that you can cut-down significantly more crops at a time, adding to your efficiency.

Now you may have also noticed that you can basically plant your crops anywhere, this is good news for you since it is simply free real estate for you to continue exploiting the land for all its worth.

Keep expanding.

Plant and Harvest more.

Earn more Money.

Don’t stop until every last plot of land is covered in the sweet money printing plant that is illusion bloom, no longer do you have to lift a finger, sit back and reap your bounty when it is ready.

You have by far become the richest man to have ever lived.

(or you could have used cheat engine like a NERD)

End, Sincerely, your friend Subhuman Trash.

Written by Subhuman trash

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