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Warframe – How to Beat the Ceres Junction

Many people might have beaten Trinity with no difficulties, but as a 40-hour player, I was trying and trying over again till I found out about a great strat.

Gear Recommendations

First of all, as a primary, I recommend a Boltor, but anything else with high punch will do.

Secondaries don’t really matter in this strategy, but feel free to use them if you want.

Last, you will need a Skana. If you have a better blade, that’s also fine.

The Strategy

Okay, now to the strategy.

First of all, you will need to jump, then press your melee attack button. This will trigger your warframe to knock down Trinity. Keep doing this until you have enough energy to activate your fourth ability, Discharge.

Next, once you activated Discharge, Trinity will be stunned for a while. This is your chance to keep firing at her head with your Boltor or other weapon you picked. Keep shooting, if you need to reload, reload while Trinity is stunned.

That is all. Keep performing these two steps, and eventually you will kill Trinity and complete the junction.

Why Is It So Hard As Volt?

As a Volt player, it is very frustrating to attack Trinity so much, then the progress is all wasted, and Trinity is back at full health. I kept trying and trying, till I figured out that you can knock down Trinity and use Discharge to your advantage. Higher-level players will have no problem with this, but I do.

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