What Makes Us Special Walkthrough for All Endings & Achievements

What Makes Us Special Walkthrough for All Endings & Achievements

All relevant choices and endings for obtaining 100% achievements!

What Makes Us Special Walkthrough

  • We can work together
  • Let’s meet somewhere
  • Why do we work together?
  • Any option.
  • Pet the cat
  • I’m getting up
  • Go watch a movie
  • Let her see them
  • See one more movie
  • Ask her what’s wrong
  • Make small talk
  • Send her notes
  • Show Layla the city
  • Wait for her
  • Offer to go with Layla
  • Good to see you
  • Lend her the book

✘︎ Save 1


Joined the team

  • Ask her what’s going on
  • Answer with another joke
  • Take a look
  • Write a scary story
  • Change Scarlett’s chat name
  • Write recipes
  • Wait for Claire
  • Invite Claire
  • Turn it into a joke
  • I’m in
  • Let’s work together
  • Stay with Layla
  • Record her playing
  • Escort Claire
  • Ask if she’s alright
  • Side with Claire
  • Go after Claire

✘︎ Save 2

  • You matter to me

Reached Claire’s ending

The End
Finished the game

Load 2

  • You’re wrong
  • Talk with Layla

✘︎ Save 3

  • You can count on me

Reached Layla’s ending

Load 3

  • Everything will be fine

✘︎ Save 4

  • You’re my only friend

Reched Scarlett’s ending

Load 4

  • Because you are not my type

And the life goes on…
Reached lonely ending

Load 1

  • Accept
  • Ignore her

Received all stickers

Load 1

  • Decline

Bad End
Get the bad ending

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