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Witcher 3 Contract The White Lady Walkthrough

Contract The White Lady Walkthrough

This quest can be acquired via a notice posted on the Glory Gate Notice board in southern Novigrad.

After grabbing this side-quest from the southern Novigrad Glory Gate notice board, you’ll need find and speak with Helma. A woman who is located behind a house in the southernmost section of Novigrad. During the conversation she’ll give us some additional details regarding the contract and update your objectives.

Following the chat, make your way to the objective marker on the map to the fields just to the southeast. The area of interest we need to reach is right by the ‘Drahim Castle’ fast travel marker (if you have that unlocked). When you arrive at the point of interest, examine the investigation area. Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and explore the area. You can inspect the following points of interest:

  • Large pool of dried blood in the centre of the field.
  • The three corpses just to the east of the pool of blood.
  • A pile of bottles by the three corpses. Set of footprints leading away from the corpses.

After examining the footprints, you’ll notice that there is a trail of said footprints leading away from the area. Activate your Witcher Sense and follow this trail a short distance up the hill to reach the ruins of Drahim Castle. The tracks will lead to a puddle of blood here; examine the blood before continuing down the stairs into the cellar.

Note: As you are moving through this ruin, be sure to loot everything as one of the barrels contains Diagram: Dwarven Blade.

At the base of the stairs, examine the corpse by the back wall here to update your objectives.

Note: At this point, you’ll earn 25XP.

Now that Geralt pretty much knows what kind of monster he’ll be facing to complete the contract, we’ll need a little more information and an item belonging to it. To get this particular ball rolling, we’ll need to return to Helma, the quest giver, in southern Novigrad again to chat about the monster.

Following the conversation, you’ll now have a Silver Dagger. Return to the field where we saw the group of three corpses. Rest up and prepare yourself for a fight. When you are ready, approach and interact with the fire to place the Silver Dagger in it. This will lure out the boss.

Boss: White Lady (Noonwraith)

If you completed the ‘Contract: Devil by the Well’ Witcher Contract in White Orchard near the start of the game, this boss fight is essentially the same. As this is the case, the same general tactics will apply, just to a higher level enemy.

The White Lady appears in a ghostly form at first and will perform some very swift swipe attacks and some regular style melee attacks, both of which will damage quite a bit when they hit. She’ll also be able to blind Geralt temporarily and create copies of herself which will restore her health as long as they are out. As such, when she splits into several clones kill them as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of health regain she is able to achieve.

The most effective way to defeat the Noonwraith is to plant a YRDEN sign trap and lure her through it – this will transform her from her ghostly form into a physical form which will take significantly more damage than the ghostly version. It is best to use your swords on the physical form, get a hit or two in and then back off to avoid her attacks. Continue until she’s dead… but for real this time.

Once the Noonwraith is dead loot its body for the Noonwraith Trophy and Noonwraith Mutagen along with any other items of interest it is carrying around.

With the Noonwraith Trophy in your possession, return to Helma in southern Novigrad to hand in the side-quest.

Note: At this point, you’ll earn 250XP and 184 Crowns.

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