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Witcher 3 Empty Coop Walkthrough

Empty Coop Walkthrough

To the east of Novigrad. From Yanina at a small house along the road to the west of the Dancing Windmill and east of the Honeyfill Meadworks fast travel Markers.

Once you have spoken with Yanina in front of her small cottage to begin the quest, activate your Witcher Senses to find the Wolf footprint by the short wall surrounding her yard. Hop the wall and locate the wolf tracks again. Follow these a short distance and continue after them when they veer towards the river on the right.

Swim directly across the river from the end of the tracks to find another set of footprints on the far bank of the river. Investigate these and then continue to follow them until you come across a small campsite.

Note: For finding the camp, you’ll earn 10XP.

Following a short conversation, you’ll be tasked with returning to the quest giver. During the subsequent chat, convince Yanina to adopt the children to complete the side-quest.

Note: For completing the quest, you’ll earn 25XP.

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