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Witcher 3 How to Beat Djinn (Boss Fight)

Witcher 3 How to Beat Djinn

The Djinn can be a pretty tricky adversary as most of its attacks are performed at range and are not necessarily easy to detect as he unleashes them. They consist of a lightning bolt attack and a secondary attack where he’ll lift up planks from the deck and launch them at you. He will also use a teleport/explody type spell where he’ll appear behind you and activate a damaging magic blast.

The trick to killing the Djinn is to get in close and attack quickly. You can use your AARD and IGNI to attack it from range as well as use bombs such as the Dimeterium Bombs to help. The silver sword is your greatest asset against the Djinn however and it will deal significant damage when it makes contact.

Ensure you pick up the tell-tale signs of his attacks and be sure to get ready to chase after him when he teleports to keep the pressure up. The closer he gets to being defeated, the more frequently he’ll unleash attacks – so you’ll need to be able to dodge/roll accordingly.

Djinn (Boss Fight)

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