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Witcher 3 How to Beat Mourntart (Grave Hag)

How to Beat Mourntart (Grave Hag)

Mourntart is a powerful Grave Hag who focuses on melee attacks and is very, very fast at unleashing them. She’ll favour her claws in short range melee attacks which she can link into a short combo, but will also use her tongue for slightly longer range on her attacks. In addition to boosting range, the tongue can also poison Geralt if it hits him, so avoid it at all costs!

The key to defeating the Mourntart is to slow it down. YRDEN is a godsend in this battle as it will make the monster’s attacks easier to dodge as well as slowing it down enough to get some attacks in crosswise. Using your IGNI can do a bit of ranged damage and you can also use QUEN to tank it briefly and attack it head on.

All in all its not too difficult a fight compared to the majority of contracts, providing you avoid the poison and being hit by combos!

Boss: Mourntart (Grave Hag)

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