Witcher 3 Inheritance Walkthrough (Hidden Treasure)

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Witcher 3 Inheritance Walkthrough

Start Location: In a small set of ruins by the ‘Boxholm’ fast travel marker, along the river to the east of Farylund village on Ard Skellig.

As you approach the ruins by the Hidden treasure marker here, you’ll find a dead bear in the middle of the dirt path. Close by this, there is a dead soldier propped up against a nearby wall. Loot the dead soldier’s corpse for a Silver-Plated Key and an Old Yellow Letter.

Read the Old Yellow Letter in the Key Items section of the inventory. This will update our objectives. Make your way to the objective marker directly to the east of your current location.

We’ll now need to use Witcher Sense to find the hidden, red treasure chest nearby. Looking at the dead soldier, it can be found half-buried in the ruin behind him and to the right. Loot this for a pair of weapons (Bloodsword and The Digger for me) along with some other lootables.

This will also end the side-quest.

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