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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – Fireproof Buildings

A tribute to Fahrenheit 451. Also a list of (supposedly) fire immune buildings.


This list is still being confirmed for other players and may not be accurate (yet).

If you want to be extra sure, you can test your buildings by opening the cheat menu, clicking on a building, then clicking on “actions with object” and click on start fire.

The List

There may be other buildings that are fireproof, but I think I tested most of the buildings. If you want to test if a building can catch fire, then open the cheats menu, click on whatever building you want to test and open the “actions with object” menu and click on “start fire.”

List of Fireproof Buildings

  • Small water treatment plant
  • Small water well
  • Underground water reservoir (yes, the water towers can catch fire and burn down)
  • Sewage un/loading station
  • All pedestrian infrastructure, including metro stairs/escalators
  • Small windmills (large catch fire)
  • MV and HV switches (Transformers catch fire)
  • Substations

Public Transportation

  • Underground metro station without surface building.
  • Small surface metro stations (elevated and surface level)
  • Parking lots
  • Road gas stations (railway gas stations catch fire)
  • Trolley bus trafos (tram trafos and railway electrical connections catch fire)
  • Tram road stations
  • Small 200 passenger bus stop
  • Small 200 passenger trolley stop

Cargo Transportation

  • All muddy (free) storages and depots
  • Small space for vehicles/containers (large catches fire)
  • Aircraft pads (including cargo helipads)
  • Truck aggregate loading and unloading stations
  • Cableway small aggregate loading stations
  • All cableway poles except for second highest heavy pole
  • Underground liquid (oil, fuel, bitumen) pumps
  • The two splitting aggregate conveyor engines with outlets at the bottom (hit c key a few times)
  • Merging aggregate conveyor engine with tallest inputs and output (hit x key until it no longer changes)
  • Forklift garage

Service/Citizen Buildings

  • Fire Station (this used to be able to catch fire)
  • Pub
  • Grocery
  • Chamomile attraction
  • “Surprise” attraction
  • Monuments
  • Small & Medium Fountains (the big one can burn down)
  • Fence gates


  • Gravel quarry (other quarries burn down)
  • Farm Fields (farm buildings burn down)
  • Custom houses
  • Foreign Power connections

Interesting combinations to me are:

  • The small space for vehicles and helicopter cargo pads – These make an easy way to airlift equipment to remote areas without fear of fire. Harvesters are a good vehicle to transport in this manner due to the lack of a suitable carrier until 1974.
  • Gravel quarries, truck aggregate unloading stations, and small aggregate cableway loading stations – Allows remote/isolated quarry areas.
  • Pub, grocery, and the two attractions – Can be built in parallel with the fire station for a new area. This makes setting up towns easier (no need to bus workers in for the fire station).
  • Small water well and small water treatment plants – Can be used to create a clean water source in the mountains without fear of fire; still, a large difference in height is needed to overcome the lack of a pump between the two.
  • Small windmills and MV switches can be used to create fireproof wind power farms.
Written by Silent_Shadow

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