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World of Horror Mystery Walkthrough for All Achievements

World of Horror Mystery Achievements,

A list of all achievements in World of Horror, including tips on how to get them.

Some Notes:

  • This is a complete guide for obtaining every achievement currently available in World of Horror, with some tips on how to get each one.
  • Not all achievements are currently implemented in-game! The True Despair, House of Paper and Something Evil achievements are not currently achievable. This guide will of course be updated when they are.
  • This guide is packed full of spoilers, so reader beware!

Chain Smoker

  • Have 30 Cigarettes in your inventory at once.

This one is pretty easy. Start an Easy difficulty game as Haru (the Yakuza guy), and go to the shop. Simply keep rerolling stock/going into and out of the shop until you can buy two more units of Cigarettes, then “use” all three in your inventory (since you start with one).

Unlocks Foreign Cigarettes.

Junior Priest

  • Purify 2 locations in one playthrough.

With a Holy Candle in your inventory, certain random events can call for using it to purify a location. You only need one Holy Candle; it is not used up when purifying a location. The places I found to purify were in the Mansion during the Vigil case, and one random location while investigating the School.

This unlocks the Monument location, where you can trade STAMINA to lower DOOM. Thanks to General Charm for the tip!

Paranoia Agent

  • Defeat an enemy with the Baseball Bat.

This achievement was bugged in the launch version, but it’s now working properly. Simply get the Baseball Bat weapon from the Apartment Stalker, then bludgeon someone to death with it.

Unlocks the Flare Gun.

Peeping Tom

  • Find the hole in the painting.

During the village festival case, you can inspect the painting in your room – you must click the actual painting to unlock the option to check it out. You will find a hole and unlock this achievement, and can also move a step further later to find the Karukosa Mask needed to get the Perfect Disguise achievement.

This unlocks the Glass Eye item, which when used gives +1 PER and a random effect.

Perfect Disguise

  • Enter the Overgrown Factory while wearing a Ritual Robe and Karukosa Mask.

This is easiest to get after you’ve unlocked the Occult Shop. Buy a Ritual Robe, then do the village festival case. When in your room at the Inn, you can inspect the painting – you must click the painting in your room to unlock the option to check it out – to find a peephole (also unlocking the Peeping Tom achievement). After this, from the overworld you can choose to explore the Staff-Only area of the Inn, which starts a battle with the perverted innkeeper. Once you defeat him he will drop the Karukosa Mask, which, when worn with the Ritual Robe, will grant you the achievement once this case is over. You can also rarely get the Karukosa mask from the weird statue event while investigating the School.

Unlocks the Midasu Touch spell, which costs 2 stamina and gives +1 FND.

Frequent Buyer

  • Shop for items ten times in one run.

Another easy one. Simply enter, leave and re-enter the shop ten times in one playthrough.

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Unlocks the Dog Treats item, which when held lowers all shop prices by 1 FND.

Junior Scout

  • Investigate 20 locations with a Compass equipped.

Another fairly easy one. Buy a Compass as early in the playthrough as possible and just have it equipped while you play your game, and you’ll unlock this.

Unlocks the Map item, which has a chance to lower DOOM while exploring, and is also usable in certain events.

House of Paper

  • Take a hostage as Miku while wearing the Tokyo outfit.

Playing as Miku, put on the Tokyo outfit and go raise your DOOM rating to 90% or so. Miku’s Mayhem perk means that her stats are higher based on the current Doom level. Simply intimidate a follower in the Schoolyard into following you to unlock the achievement.

Sadly, either the achievement is bugged or you simply get nothing for completing it.

This Is For My Friends

  • Defeat the Mad Janitor as Aiko.

Start a game as Aiko, and if the Mermaid case isn’t in your list of cases, restart until it is. Simply play the case normally, and when you defeat him the achievement is yours.

Unlocks Ikumi, a follower.

Wait For It

  • Prepare an attack during combat, but do not attack in that round.

Seems a little buggy, but I ended up getting it after attempting it several times. Use the Prepare Attack action and nothing else, not even another Prepare Attack. Make sure the turn is 1 Prepare Attack and nothing else.

Unlocks the Pocket Knife, which allows you to escape from combat once with no DOOM penalty.

Team Kill

  • Backstab a follower.

Very easy achievement to get if you’ve already unlocked the Witch’s Tree location. Start a game as Mizuki Hamasaki (since she starts with a follower) and go use the Witch’s Tree; if you don’t end up getting the Paranoia curse from the Witch then restart until you do. With this done, select your follower in the menu (make sure the Kill option, which is not clickable, is lit up): click Let Go and you’ll kill your follower and get the achievement.

This unlocks the ASHEN CONTRACT spell, which costs 7 DOOM but instantly kills any non-eldritch enemy (!!!!) and can only be cast once. Special thanks to TheOneWaaagh for figuring out how to get this one.

Say Hello

  • Meet your _other_ neighbor.

I actually just unlocked this while typing this very guide. Simply leave the WOH window unattended for some time, then click it back into focus. On my Win7 machine, fullscreen crashes big-time when alt-tabbing, so it’s best to try this in windowed mode.

Unlocks the Bloody Sweater outfit for Kouji.

True Idol

  • Have 4 followers at once.

Very easy achievement to get. Go to the Schoolyard and simply ask or threaten people to follow you.

Unlocks the Seal of Savvesh spell, which costs 4 REASON and gives +1 STRENGTH permanently.

Classy Ritual

  • Sacrifice a follower with the Ritual Dagger equipped.

This is easiest done in the horrible history of household hell case. Make sure you have at least one follower, a flashlight and the ritual dagger before starting the case, and play it normally. At the very end, make sure to choose the explore further option, set the radio to 430hz, then during the battle choose to sacrifice your follower to unlock this achievement.

Unlocks the tome of rot item, which I haven’t found yet.

Peeking Tom

  • Defeat a school wraith haunting the corridor.

During the spine-chilling story of the school scissors case, in one of the screens you can choose to “Peek outside” and slide a door open – and behind it is a fun, friendly fellow. Open the door fully to earn this achievement. Thanks to faceless for the tip.

Unlocks the seal of bram’el, a spell that costs 4 reason and grants +1 knowledge.


  • Call Junko.

Before choosing a new case, go to the Watch TV room and dial 56709 (a lyric from a Junko Ohashi song “Telephone”) to unlock this achievement.

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This unlocks the spell Thread of Fate, which costs 4 REASON but instantly kills a human enemy. Thanks to General Charm for the info on this one!

  • Have a follower die in combat.

When you have a follower, there is an option in Support Actions to have your follower attempt to distract the enemy. This action has a chance to kill the follower, so simply do that until your follower dies.

Unlocks Ryuichi, a follower.


  • Exorcise a ghost.

Find a Ghost enemy, and use the bow-clap prayer thing to exorcise them. This one is random and while it’s not hard, it’s kind of a pain to do. I found a Ghost enemy while investigating the School; there is an event where you enter a bathroom and can choose to leave, or close a stall door. Close the door and you’ll be attacked by the Toilet Ghost. Thanks again to General Charm for getting me on the right track.

This unlocks Pancakes, which I haven’t been able to find.


  • Research five spells in one playthrough.

Easy achievement. Go to the School Library and simply research five spells.

Unlocks the Army Knife, a per weapon.

  • Damage: 4
  • Speed: 85
  • Chance to Hit: 70

Transfer Girl

  • Beat the game as the first character, Kirie Minami.

Unlocks the Eldritch Amulet, an equippable item, but so does the achievement From The Brink. Possible bug/incorrect information in the Achievement screen?

Fit Girl

  • Beat the game as the second character, Aiko Takahashi.

Unlocks the Cursed Cartridge item. Worn in Slot C, it makes thrown items deal extra damage.

Thug Survivor

  • Beat the game as the third character, Haru.

Unlocks the Hirie outfit for Kirie Minami.

Idol Survivor

  • Beat the game as the fourth character, Mizuki Hamasaki.

Unlocks the Samurai outfit, but I’m not sure who for.

Reporter Survivor

  • Beat the game as the fifth character, Kouji Tagawa.

The in-game achievement list says this achievement unlocks the Samurai outfit, but I think it may be bugged – that outfit was already available to me for Haru. I think this achievement actually unlocks the Leather Rebel outfit for Kouji.

Student Survivor

  • Beat the game as the sixth character, Mimi.

This unlocks yet another Samurai costume, but again I’m not sure who it’s for.

Chaos Survivor

  • Beat the game as the seventh character, Miku.

Bad Luck

  • Roll a 1 during an event stat check.

Trust me – this is going to happen eventually.

Unlocks the Hermit, a follower.

From The Brink

  • Defeat an Old God with over 90% Doom.

Unlocks the Eldritch Amulet, an item.

Need No Education

  • Burn down the school.

During the battle at the end of the Mermaid case, in Support Actions there is an option to topple a lamp. This will net you this achievement.

Unlocks the Leather outfit for Haru.


  • Surprise the dog.

When you’re shopping, click that cute dog’s nose and he’ll bork at you, unlocking the achievement.

Unlocks the Innocent Student outfit for Mizuki.

World Saved I

  • Beat the game once.

Unlocks Endless Mode.

World Saved II

  • Beat the game twice.

Unlocks the playable character Mimi, AKA Best Girl.

World Saved III

  • Beat the game three times.

Unlocks the extended A card pack, which adds 10 more events to the game.

World Saved IV

  • Beat the game four times.

Unlocks the extended B card pack, adding a further 10 new events to the game.

World Doomed I

  • Die due to reason.

Trust me, this is going to happen to you sooner or later.

Unlocks the Pain Medication item.

World Doomed II

  • Die due to stamina loss.

This, too, is going to happen sooner or later.

Unlocks the Experimental Drug item.

World Doomed III

  • Die due to 100% Doom.

This, too, is inevitable.

Unlocks the Gruesome Totem item, which lowers Doom by 10% but take 3 off your max reason.

Eldritch Backstory I

  • Beat a game while using the World of Horror backstory.

The first time you beat the game, you’re also going to get this achievement.

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Unlocks the Medical History backstory.

Eldritch Backstory II

  • Beat the game while using the Medical History backstory.

This unlocks the Hunted By The Cult backstory.

Eldritch Backstory III

  • Beat the game while using the Hunted By The Cult backstory.

This unlocks the Inheritance backstory.

Eldritch Backstory IV

  • Beat the game while using the Inheritance backstory.

I assume this unlocks the Frail backstory.

Eldritch Backstory V

  • Beat the game while using the Frail backstory.

Soft Side

  • Buy, then return an expensive drug.

When investigating Downtown, you will occasionally be attacked by a masked female rioter. When defeated, she drops a Prescription item, which can be used at the Pharmacy along with 4 FND to get a drug. Take this drug to the Illegal Den to unlock this achievement.

Unlocks Miku, the Rioter as a playable character. Thanks again to General Charm!

Blood Deal

  • Feed an Outer Entity.

Once you’ve unlocked the Monument location, you can trade Stamina to lower Doom, and the first time you do so you will unlock this achievement.

Unlocks the Camp Dog, a follower.

Shiokawa History I

  • Unlock 15 achievements.

Unlocks the City History option, which will let you rearrange (to a point) how the town is laid out.

Shiokawa History II

  • Unlock 20 achievements.

Unlocks the Shop (Occult) location, whose stock is mainly items like Holy Candles, Ritual Daggers/Masks/Robes, etc.

Shiokawa History III

  • Unlock 25 achievements.

Unlocks the Illegal Den, a shop whose stock is usually liquor, cigarettes or weaponry.

Shiokawa History IV

  • Unlock 30 achievements.

Unlocks the Witch’s Tree location, where you can take on a curse effect in trade for STAMINA, a SPELL or FND.

True Despair

  • Beat the game on Hard difficulty.

Seems to be bugged – finished the game on Hard, but no achievement.

Final Stand I

  • Reach turn 30 in Endless mode.

Final Stand II

  • Reach turn 40 in Endless mode.

Final Stand III

  • Reach turn 50 in Endless mode.


  • Solve the Blue Gem riddle.

This one is actually really neat, and the payoff is super worth the pain in the butt it is to get, so maybe consider not spoiling it for yourself…

Go to the dog’s store and choose to buy a random discount item, and sooner or later you’ll end up with the blue gem. With this item in your inventory, explore the forest until you get to the trapped dog event, and free the dog. You must successfully free him and have him join your party. After this, explore the school and pay very close attention (if you’re like me and have seen every event, you may be clicking through very quickly): you’ll find an event called empty corridor (or is it?), and the words “Blue gem” in your inventory will begin to vibrate. Once this event is over, explore the forest, and eventually you’ll get your secret ending… Which is my favorite thing in this game by a long shot. I have heard that you must explore seaside before the school, but I did so as long as possible and found no events/vibrations.

Something Evil

  • Meet and defeat Something Evil.

During certain random events, the choices you make can tell you that “You have attracted the attention of something evil”. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is an event from the apartments where your friend asks you for some ghost stories for a book he’s writing; if you choose to look at the photo it can have this effect. I believe that these events are also tied to a small statue you can find at and bring home from the seaside during investigation, but so far I have not been able to summon or defeat the something evil.

However, with all that said, Something Evil isn’t implemented in the game yet…

It’s end. I hope “World of Horror Mystery Walkthrough for Achievements” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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