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WorldBox God Simulator Traits and How to Get Them (New Update)

WorldBox God Simulator Traits and How to Get Them

How to get some of the new traits in the trait selector.

Traits (yay)

  • Poisonous = Frog
  • Poison Immunity = Snake
  • Venomous = Snake
  • Infected = Put zombies and let them infect a human.
  • Evil = Demon
  • Cold aura = Snowman
  • Freeze Proof = Snowman
  • Fire Proof = Dragon
  • Miner = Dwarf
  • Weightless = Elf
  • Regeneration = Orc
  • Savage = Orc
  • Fat = Snowman
  • Madness = Put madness on a unit and inspect (madness is in other various powers section).
  • King Slayer = make a unit kill a king, (would recommend giving the unit shield bubble and stuff and then just put him close to a king without armies close. (a little bit unsure about this one if you can get it or not but its here i guess)
  • Wizard Slayer = spawn a wizard and make a unit kill him.
  • Dragon slayer = Make a unit kill a dragon.
  • Mush Spores = Is in other various powers give it someone then inspect.
  • Blessed = Other various powers tab just put it on unit and inspect.
  • Fast = Rabbit
  • Genius = Monkey
  • Agile = Monkey
  • Fire Blood = Demon
  • Cursed = Other various powers tab just give and inspect.
  • Energized = Fairy
  • Bomberman = Bandit
  • Slow = Turtle
  • Peaceful = Cow/Chicken
  • Strong = Bear
  • Tough = Crocodile
  • Burning Feet = Hell Achievement (check how below)
  • Flower Prints = Lets not Achievement (check how below)
  • Immune = Either Great Plague Achievement Or Plague Doctor (not sure) (check how to get achievement below)
  • Shiny = Crystal Biome Creature just wait and let it spawn
  • Flesh Eater = Candy Bear (spawns in candy biome)
  • Giant = TORNADO Achievement (check how to get achievement below)
  • Super Health = Super Trait Explorer, unlock 70 traits
  • Tumor Infection = Put a tumor and then let the tumor minions that spawn attack somebody, then inspect the person, they should have the trait.
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If i see more traits i will write them here!


Achievements: Because why not?

  • Touch Grass = Go to “Create and shape your world” select the finger and literally, TOUCH GRASS
  • World war = Make 10 kingdoms have war with eachother
  • Lets not = fill an entire map with wasteland biome (either rain acid on a small map or nuke it but acid is more effective in my opinion)
  • Hell = put 666 demons on an inferno map ( apparently some people get it with less demons and some need more so. it didnt work when i tried but maybe i did something wrong)
  • The Great Plague = Have 1000 People Infected By The Plague (go to other various powers tab and just rain the plague thing on people)
  • TORNADO = Put a tornado and curse it until its really big (curse power is in various powers tab
  • Destroy Worldbox = Go to other various powers then click news button, then spam click worldbox logo until all the letters are gone. thats it. also i think you get a trait but i dont know for sure.
  • King of Kings = Find An Unscarred King With 20 Traits (this map isnt mine but this map has a king of kings and The Demon)
  • The Demon = Find an Unscarred Demon With 10 Traits or more (this map isnt mine but this map has a king of kings and The Demon)
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Achievements that doesnt really do stuff

These achievements maybe wont give traits and maybe they’re old or stuff but im bored so im writing them here anyways .

  • The Princess = Bless a Frog
  • Middle Earth = have a world with villages for each race
  • Love = Print a Heart
  • Megapolis = have a city with 200 humans
  • Sacrifice = drop sheep into lava
  • Lava Strike = Strike Lightning Into Lava
  • Super Mushroom = use powerup mushroom on a mush unit
  • Last Resort = Drop a Nuke On gray goo
  • Moisturize me! = drop a piranha on land
  • Ninja Turtle = Get a turle to level 10
  • Planet Of Apes = Put 100 or more monkeys in a jungle world
  • Corrupted By The Order / Corrupted Trees = Go to world laws and click the trees in this order: 1 6 2 5 3 4
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