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Yakuza Kiwami 2 How to Get Good Weapons ASAP

How to get the best weapons and armor from kamiyama using cabaret club. Buying and using them also counts towards completion.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 How to Get Good Weapons ASAP

Cabaclub > Ebisu pawn > Kamiyama


  1. grind cabaclub asap, its the easiest and fastest way to earn a great amount of money for a maximum of 5 minutes per round which includes making a roster, depending on your speed.
  2. using funds, upgrade cabaclub by hiring hostesses etc so that your caba gameplay is more fun and efficient as well.
  3. after accumulating a decent amount of wealth, like after the initial grand prix grind, go to ebisu pawn shop and buy the most expensive weapon for 3mil yen which is the morning tempest katana. try to buy as many as you can at one time to streamline the process or stockpile them at an item box (i recommend the one near serena since its near ebisu). you will need 17 in total.
  4. sell 17 morning tempest katanas to kamiyama, they go for 300k apiece. its easier to buy and sell them a few at a time while doing side content so you dont get extremely bored from grinding. unlocking new items from kamiyama is capped when you sell him 5 million yen worth of stuff, which the 17 katanas will do.
  5. these will unlock more powerful merchandise you can purchase from kamiyama. they slowly unlock at certain amounts of money like 100k, 500k, 1mil, 3mil, 5mil (i really dont remember i haven’t slept).
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I prefer to have at least 5 mil on hand for spending after buying the katanas to sell so i can immediately purchase smth from kamiyama to aid me throughout the game and to get a feel for the new weapons and armor.

Be picky about your customers and who you seat with them. tycoon > rich > average > poor. make sure your best performers are seated with the highest paying clients and the people who request them for maximum efficiency. make use of the free swapping when needed.

Have your hand gestures and appropriate actions for type/mood of customer understood first to have no trouble in the future. dark blue extreme sad faces always cause ruckus and bring hp down faster. ive never had a single night when i didnt make a profit even if i gave gifts to every single girl/customer so dont be shy in handing those out to fix your reputation if things go awry or throughout regular/smoother shifts to perk up your hostesses so they can go for longer and/or level up.

This may sound daunting but cabaclub is criminally easy and after grand prix, you can earn 10 mil at the very least per round in the top league, i usually make at least 12 mil in those 4-5 minutes.

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I play on pc so i remapped my mash2win oil baron button from ‘q’ to spacebar, i found it easier to use two alternating fingers on it since im not good at playing games. dont stop mashing during oil baron, personally if i looked at the screen for a split second, id end up losing my bonus so just focus on the button during that time. even if you lose, the baron will still pay you money but a insanely small fraction, usually 10-30k yen as compared to several hundred thousand.

One roster of maxed platinums + a gold or two lasts me 2 nights depending on how much they recover during work.

Utilize hostesses which are automatically seated upon customer requests which include all of the Platinums (i think), the Headmistress and a few more. the automatic seating when maxed out or on high levels gives you around 500k in earnings in less than 10 seconds iirc.

Selling used katanas will not work, if they are zeroed in use, they will sell for 0 yen.

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