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Youtubers Life Relationships Guide

A guide to the social aspect of the game.

Youtubers Life Relationships Guide

This game has some social elements to it where you’ll have to go to the parties and some other events. There’s also an achievement for becoming married. This guide covers up the best interactions and the way how to maximize all your friendship points for any challenges. It’ll also help you raise relationships for collaborators and have many friends.

Please note that it is vital that you accept the first dance party and the first movie invitations that you receive because then you’ll get these on your calendar and you can invite the people that you’re interested to parties.

Social minigame

When you press someone in Youtuber’s Life you have randomly selected choices. In a special situation, you have more options. As a protip, if you have reached certain levels of actions or percentage that you’re aiming for (say, friendship) you can click the icon on the left to cancel the action and thus spare time. This is very useful when you need to make friends or get phone numbers of certain number of people.

Not all actions have a positive result, someo people absolutely hate talking about certain subjects. If ever while talking to someone they get angry face or later in relationship a whistle emotion, cancel the interaction and you’ll minimize the relationship loss. You’re aiming for happy faces and hearts.

Dance your relationships to max

Dancing is the best way to increase your relationship, especially at later levels of frienship of a special friend and beyond when talking and other social interactions take time, dancing is the only option that consistently gives you more points towards a relationship. Dancing can be done at any party after you have made aquantice of like 20% or so points. Dancing is NOT avaivable at game shows or press or movies. You also can’t dance at your home even though your collaborators occasionally do so when they’re idle.

If you focus on simply dancing and then doing special actions like “ask for date”, “begin dating” and “Propose” you can marry within few ingame days with parties.

Yacht and Arrou

If you’re still learning to become a friend with someone before being able to dance or you’re not able to dance due to the location, talking about Yacht and Arrou is always a safe bet. I’ve never met anyone who’d become angry at these two subjects.

Special interests

This is the most complicated route that’ll take the longest to figure out but can really boost the relationship to dance levels, to talk about things that the character really likes. You’ll learn what the specific subject if for each person but you can get a small idea by left clicking and viewing their profile, money person wants to talk about money, someone having utube show would want to talk about utube and so on.

Protip: You don’t have to close the phone to see more profiles, simply left click another person while the phone is open to see their profile. This saves important seconds during timed events, only close the phone after viewing all the profiles you’re interested at.


After you have proposed your love interest and they say yes, you become engaged. There’s a marriage ceremony that you need to attend sometime later. After this, your wife/husband will every now and then either come visit you or come bearing gifts; these can be decorations or new clothing for your character and your partner gives these to you, free of charge.

Please note, your marriage can actually end up in a divorce if you neglect your wife/spouse. See more information bellow.

Losing friendships

Friendship points are lost over time and friendships and relationships lower down to the stranger levels. Especially turning down invitations for movies or parties lowers the friendship level dramatically. As mentioned before, your marriage can end too in this way.

To avoid this, accept invitations especially party one and dance with your friend. However, lategame, you may start to receive invitations nearly all the time, including your various events and other aperances means you can almost never get work done. If you have too many friends and invitations, only accept the ones by the people that you care about, such as your love interest. Generally, after having recruited all the collaborators that I need, I turn down all invitations aside my wife’s whose invitations I always accept.

Collaborators are the only people who’ll never have their relationship degrade, instead they lose morale but this has nothing to do with dances or events and you never need to talk to them again after making them collaborator.

Parting words

The social aspect of Youtuber’s life is honestly pretty annoying and feels more like a busywork especially if you want to do the special events or you’ve chosen the party animal aspiration. You need to keep doing the samey actions numerous times to increase anyone’s liking to you. If you’re getting tired of the game’s social silliness, only attend the dance parties as it’s easiest way to increase the social needs for the people that you care about.

Written by Tuomo L

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