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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Kashtira Link Combo

This a fun and pretty effective combo I have discovered that I felt the need to share. This is a fun twist on the Kashtira play style that can be pretty effective against all decks and even mirror matches. Here is the step by step play in order to gain a great turn 1 advantage.

  • Step 1: Get 2 Kashtira monsters on your field (other than Riseheart) If you use Riseheart you will be locked into xyz summoning and the combo wont work.
  • Step 2: After you get 2 level 7 monsters on the field xyz into Galaxy Tomahawk and use its effect to detach 2 from it and summon as many tokens as possible to the field. Make sure to summon Tomakawk into the extra monster zone,
  • Step 3: Afte ryou summon the tokens link of Tomahawk and one of the tokens and Link into I: P
  • Step 4: Use another token to summon link spider. It most likely wont be able to summon anything depending on your deck list but we aren’t too worried about that, we just need links on the field.
  • Step 5: Use the remaining tokens for a link summon into Proxy dragon. There are other links you can use instead but I picked this one due to it being only a rare and the fact that it can be summoned with any monsters including tokens. So this is a cheaper link to use if you don’t want to spend the materials on an SR or UR. But this doesn’t matter to much since its going to be linked away immediately.
  • Step 6: You have 2 options depending on if you are going first or second. Option one is if you are going first and that’s Avramax, a very powerful Link boss monster that cannot be targeted by effects and your opponent can only attack him, and since 99% of decks rely on special summons they will have a difficult time outing him, especially if its a mirror match. The second option is of course accesscode talker, with this combo you will have 3 pops with him going second. The only real outs to these boss monsters is if your opponent is running cards that don’t target or if they have kaijus.

This isn’t a full proof combo but it is a fun combo that I discovered with Kashtiras that add more flexibility to the deck.You can of course make substitutions for your link monsters depending on the play style.

Deck list

Kashtira Link combo

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