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112 Operator Saving Operator’s Daughter

Conversation guide with killer to save the operator’s daughter. This may not be the definitive solution, but this is the one that worked for me.

112 Operator Saving Operator’s Daughter

Once you find the location, sending police immediately does not matter. Even if your police arrive while the conversation is ongoing, nothing will happen. The goal of the conversation is to diffuse the situation and convince the killer to wait for an ambulance. Then and only then will responders be able to deploy at on the scene.

Saving Operator's Daughter
As you can see here, it does not matter whether your units arrive early or not. You must successfully defuse the situation before they can act.



C: caller
O: operator

The Call

C: I have her. She’s here.
O: Who do you have?

C: I have your very own daughter.
O: Prove it

C: Nope. She’s inside of your house.
O: My house?

C: Under your very own house…
O: Are you serious?

C: Do I sound like I’m joking?
O: Don’t hurt her

C: How would I do that…
O: Gas bottle?

C: We… That’s the point.
O: Point of what?

C: I just… I-I want you to know what it’s like.
O: Why are you doing this?

C: Have you ever lost anyone…?
O: Of course

C: Yeah, right…
O: What have I done?

C: The gas leak…
O: I’m sorry you lost your son

C: You’re sorry?!
O: You son died then?

C: You’re not even aware…
O: I am ashamed

C: I just… I- I want you to know…
O: What do you want?

C: Quit your job…
O: I’ll quit my job

C: S***. I’m pathetic…
O: Let me send someone

C: No… No, no…
O: I send ambulance

C: Right… I… Yes. I guess I’ll… I’ll wait…

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