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60 Parsecs! – Character Info

Information about the character’s backstories, stats, etc.

Character Info

Emmet Ellis

Agility: Flexible
Intelligence: Brilliant
Strength: Wimpy

Despite his brilliant mind, Emmet has always been undervalued and misunderstood by his peers. Seeking scientific challenge- and to get away from his ungrateful job as a chemistry teacher- he signs up for the Astrocitizen program, hoping this could be the place where he can finally earn the appreciation and respect he deserves.

Captain’s Goal: Make five successful Intelligence attribute decisions.

Boost: Experimental [You generate a small amount of materials daily.]

Deedee Dawkins

Agility: Limber
Intelligence: Average
Strength: Average

A former child athlete, whose promising career was ended by an untimely injury. As an adult, she struggles to reinvent herself, but the reality is far from what she imagined. She joins the Astrocitizen Program in hopes of regaining the confidence and finally becoming the champion she was always destined to be.

Captain’s Goal: Make 7 sucessful attribute decisions of any type.

Boost: Caffeinated [Your hunger decays slower.]

Baby Bronco

Agility: Average
Intelligence: Dumb
Strength: Mighty

Baby is an adult man, but a very simple-minded one. From a young age, his biggest asset has been his extraordinary physical strength and build. Due to this, Baby is manipulated by his small-time crook parents and becomes a criminal himself. The Astrocitizen Program is quite literally an escape… and a second chance.

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Captain’s Goal: Become friends with at least 3 of your crewmates.

Boost: Friendly [You can make friends faster.]

Maegan Mann

Agility: Flexible
Intelligence: Clever
Strength: Average

Maegan has spent her full life caring for a family laundry business and her own busy household. After retiring and giving the venue to her children, Maegan craves a new purpose and new challenges. She doesn’t expect much from that wacky Astrocitizen Program she signed up for on a whim, but life might still have some surprises in store for her.

Captain’s Goal: Keep a full crew alive for 30 days.

Boost: Tough [You are less likely to suffer from poor health.]

Tom Thomson

Agility: Average
Intelligence: Clever
Strength: Fit

Everyone’s first impression of Tom Thomson is that of a decorated major, brave and courageous. A man who has seen it all. Sporting a dastardly eye patch and a coat of once magnificent blonde hair, Tom believes to be everyone’s dream come true and the personification of the American hero. Except, none of this is true.

Captain’s Goal: Send 5 successful expeditions on a strange, new world.

Boost: Daydreamer [You are less likely to go insane.]

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