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911 Operator: Achievement Guide

Game about the difficult work of people that manage emergency lines and services. Your task is to answer incoming calls and to react properly – give first aid instructions, advise, dispatch correct number of firemen / police / ambulances, or sometimes – just ignore the call. Play on ANY CITY in the world!

911 Operator: Achievement Guide

Not much to cover as they’re all fairly self explanatory however the two “secret” achievements are covered here.


2017-05-27 Steam achievements are not working for the Linux version of the game.

Field Training Officer Medal
* Complete the tutorial mission

Medal of Meritorious Service
* Complete 30 shifts

Medal of Valor
* Complete 3 shifts in a row without a death or major mistake (-3 reputation)

Advanced Certification Medal
* Reach a high experience level with any staff member
* This is rank 7 (the maximum rank) displayed by 3 stars
* This can be cheated by editing a save files but is gained over time anyway!

International Service Medal
* Work in 15 different cities
* You don’t need to play each city – within the freemode download 15 cities and it counts

Medal of Honor
* Complete campaign mode
* Unique Stories or Daily Routine, must complete all cities
* Single City Run, must complete all chapters

During a shift

Community Policing Medal
* Achieve a reputation of 100 in 1 shift
* Best achieved during special events in the campaign (eg. San Francisco Earthquake)
* Can be cheated by using a custom call that gives high reputation

Tactical Squad Service Medal
* Have 3 police units at a scene before the hostiles start shooting
* Easily achieved gathering units near the scene before sending any to engage

Safe Driving Medal
* Resolve 50 driving reports
* Solved over time
* Police motorbikes recommended as their speed allows them to catch targets quicker

Exemplary Fire Service Medal
* Resolve 50 fire or technical events
* Solved over time, just attend fire service events

Exemplary Medical Service Medal
* Drive 50 patients to the hospital
* Solved over time, just attend medical events
* Interestingly there is not a police on for locking up 50 people

Responding to a call

Lifesaving Medal
* Give correct first aid instructions to a caller
* Easily achieved when the caller says they do not know CPR and you instruct them how

Order of Smile
* Play along with a caller
* When receiving an unusual call, play along rather than ignoring it
* If you get a caller who starts singing to you, sing back – simples


These achievements are not “secret” and hidden if you look at the in game achievements screen but they are on Steam.

Sacrefice Medal
* Finish resolving a case in which a staff member has died
* Should be Sacrifice

Purple Heart
* Award for those wounded or killed while serving
* Removal of protective vests/not sending enough units will make injuries more common
* Sending in a lone fire fighter to a scene and then a full team after he is down works

Honorary Citizenship
* Complete all chapters in Single City Run campaign mode (any city)

Above and Beyond
* Complete the game on Expert difficulty
* Presumably this means career mode?

Perfect Time Manager
* Complete a duty without overtime on Hard or Expert difficulty
* Some users are finding that you have to disable Beta versions of the game to get this achievement, although I got mine with the Testers Beta enabled

As an aside, many achievements can be earned/greatly assisted by the use of cheat codes on the in-game console. You can work this out yourself if you’re wishing to have a little boost.

Written by Soharic

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