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A Hat in Time: All Metro Food Combos

A Hat in Time is a cute-as-heck 3D platformer featuring a little girl who stitches hats for wicked powers! Freely explore giant worlds and recover Time Pieces to travel to new heights!

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All Metro Food Combos

Every food combo in DLC.

Where to find them
Most of these can be found around the yellow manhole or just outside it.

Cookies and Coffee

  • Cookies and coffee

Burger and Soda

  • Burger and Soda

Dumplings and Tea

  • Dumplings and Tea
  • also called Yum Cha ingame

Juicebox and Cake

  • Juicebox and cake
  • Also called Dessert ingame

Fish and Chips(Fries)

  • Fish and Chips(Fries)

Curry and Rice

  • Curry and Rice

Triple Scoop and Large Soda

  • Triple Scoop and Large Soda
  • in-game called Icecream Float

Pizza and Large Soda

  • Pizza and Large Soda
  • called Pizza Menu in-game

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