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Age of Wonders Planetfall: Understanding Sectors

Understanding Sectors

Annexing sectors is the main way of increasing your resource income. The tutorial doesn’t explain this well, so if you still don’t understand this concept, keep reading.

After annexing a sector, you can choose a Sector Exploitation type, depending on what you choose, this will increase your Production, Food, Knowledge or Energy. These exploitations have levels and you can get them to level 3 via research. Go to the Society tab on the Technology menu and you’ll see some technologies called Food Development, Food Development II. These will take your Food Exploitation to level 3, but the maximum is level 5. So, how do you get them to level 5?

Click on a sector and check out the Sector Analysis window on the right. Whenever you see a description saying “Boost output through research” that means you can level up that Sector by researching the right technology.


As you can see, it says Fungal Exploitation under “possible research”, that is the name of the technology that can level up the sector. Go to the Society tab and find this technology, you research it and a new type of building will be unlocked. Go to the Colony where that sector is and build the Structure you just unlocked. That will take your Food level to 4. The only way to get a level 5 Exploitation is to find a sector with either two Features that raise that particular Exploitation type or one with one Feature and a Landmark. Landmarks can raise your level by one.

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