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Anthem Master Talent Trophy Guide

Master Talent Trophy Guide

Master Talent
Complete a mission, contract, or stronghold with a masterwork javelin rarity.

The Javelin is your character class (there are 4 classes total). You can see the rarity level at the Forge. To increase the Rarity, get higher-level gear and also rarer gear. Do not confuse this with your main rank (Rank 30 is the maximum). The Javelin Rarity is different, it shows how strong your Javelin really is. To reach Masterwork Status you need to be Javelin level 486. Be sure to stick to the same character class when farming Masterwork gear. The reason for this is that you only get item drops for the class you’re playing with.

  • Uncommon (Green) = 84 Points
  • Rare (Blue) = 240 Points
  • Epic (Purple) = 395 Points
  • Masterwork (Yellow) = 486 Points

Here’s how it works:

  1. You have 11 Gear slots. Your Javelin Level is the combined level of all equipped Gear. Epic (purple) is capped at level 36. Masterwork (orange) is capped at level 45. Legendary (yellow) is capped at level 47.
  2. In order to get 486 points you need at least 10 Masterwork items equipped (10 x level 45 = 450 levels) and 1 Epic item (1 x level 36 = 36 levels). 450 + 36 = 486. You do not need any legendary items for this. You don’t even need a full set of 11 Masterwork pieces, one of them can be Epic rarity.

Roadmap to Masterwork status:

Get to Rank 30: First you must reach Rank 30 to unlock Grandmaster difficulty. Certain Masterwork items only drop on Grandmaster difficulty. After doing all story trophies and trophy-related side quests you should be Rank 30. If not, the fastest way to level up is to join ongoing missions via Freeplay. It will often spawn you at the end of an ongoing mission so you don’t have to sit through the whole thing (but you get the full XP reward regardless). You can gain 1 rank per 15 minutes on average.

Get to Javelin Level 400+ (Epic): After you’re rank 30 play exclusively on Grandmaster I difficulty. It’s recommended to farm open world enemies and open world events for easy gear drops until you’ve all gear slots on epic. The way loot levels work is that you receive something at least 1 level higher than what you have equipped. You won’t get level 45 masterwork drops right away. You must build towards this by first getting epic (purple) drops to increase your Javelin level. At player Rank 30 you should be getting mostly purple gear which caps out at item level 36. The recommended starting point for Strongholds is Javelin level 400+. At this point you will see a lot more Masterwork gear dropping.

Farm Level 45 Masterwork Gear to reach Javelin Level 486+: The most reliable way at launch (February 22nd, 2019) is to repeat the Stronghold “Tyrant Mines” on Grandmaster I difficulty. The endboss always drops one Masterwork Gear and there’s a good chance (about 50%) that an enemy or treasure chest in the Stronghold will drop yet another Masterwork item along the way. This takes about 30 minutes per playthrough with a well-equipped coordinated group. On average you get 3 Masterwork Gear pieces per 2 playthroughs.

Legendary Contracts (purple quests in Fort Tarsis) always give a guaranteed Masterwork item at the end as reward and are quicker to do, always do these when available (must first reach Loyalty Level 3 to unlock these). Freeplay on GM1 also has a good chance to drop Masterwork Gear from legendary enemies and world events, but this is a lot more random and luck-based than the Strongholds & Legendary Contracts. Always stick to GM1 difficulty, it’s the most effective. Grandmaster II takes much longer to complete and even though it has higher droprates, the fact it takes 3 times longer per Stronghold makes it less effective.

To summarize: After reaching level 400 just farm the Tryant Mines Stronghold on Grandmaster I difficulty. It is the most reliable method. Stick with Grandmaster I difficulty. Grandmaster II is not worth it as it takes too long.

Remember that it’s random what sort of gear type it drops (weapon or component etc). So it’s also depending on luck. You might get unlucky and receive more Masterwork weapons than you need but not find any Support Gear. It can take a while to get the missing piece you need. The good news is that 1 item slot can be epic for Level 486 so you don’t need all 11 slots masterworked. If you’re super lucky (unlikely) and don’t get any duplicates it would take around 3-4 hours for 10 Masterwork Gear Pieces (1 Stronghold playthroughs takes 30min, gives 1.5 Masterworks = 3 Masterworks per Hour = 12 in 4 Hours). Realistically you’re looking at a 10 hour grind after reaching Rank 30.

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