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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Daughters of Lalaia Guide

The Daughters of Lalaia

Trophy category: This is one of the trophies associated with the series of free DLC The Lost Tales of Greece. It will be made available to all users of the game along with one of its updates.

Type of trophy: bronze

How to unlock: Unit the task The Daughters of Lalaia.

This is one of several adventures added to the game from the Lost Stories from Greece series. During this adventure you will find yourself in a village where all men went to war. Your task will be to teach women to fight and to communicate in these difficult moments.

In addition to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, along with the adventure of Daughters of Lalaia, a new romance has been added, which we have also described in this section of our guide.

A Gathering Storm

You will start this adventure in Phokis.

To start a mission, you need to talk to one of the women. She will introduce you to the history of the village and ask you for help.

After talking to the woman, go to Lamia Bandit Camp. Get rid of all enemies and free the villagers. It’s best to get rid of your enemies quietly, this way you’ll clean up your enemy camp and save men much faster.

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After the prisoners are released go to Agnoike and talk to her. She will send you to Periktione. As you talk to her, you’ll meet Thyie. After completing this part of the task, you will be given another mission – Sharp Lessons.

Sharp Lessons

Remember not to throw her into deep water – this will make it impossible to complete the task.

The mission consists in taking a duel with a woman named Thyia. Remember that you have to win this duel in order to complete the mission. It’s not difficult, three accurate blows are enough to defeat the woman.

After the duel, the mission will end.

Learning the Land

The mission objective is to hunt together with two representatives of the village. Jump on your horse and go with them to the place of your choice.

Women will take you to the cave of bears. Kill three bears and two surrounding animals (e.g. wolves) to complete the mission.

The Ore of Aphrodite

To start this task, talk to Methiadus. She’ll send you to search for the ore of Aphrodite. Aphrodite ore is located in a cave. Its appearance is shown on the screen above.

After capturing the deposits, return to the woman. Having a conversation with her will end the mission.

The Best Defence

To begin this mission, talk to Periktione. She’ll send you to a reconnaissance hunt. Look around and get rid of several opponents threatening the village.

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Remember that scouts usually go hand in hand and have some dangerous animals to defend themselves. It’s best if you attack them from afar, so that they can’t call for reinforcements or surround you and kill you.

Blood for Aphrodite

The last task in the Daughters of Lalaia quest line is Blood for Aphrodite. This mission consists in getting rid of the bandits attacking the village.

After getting rid of your opponents, talk to Thyia and return to the village with her. Complete your mission and adventure there.


In the Sharp Lessons mission you will have to fight a duel with a woman named Thyia. After winning the battle you will have to talk to her. During this conversation, the first dialogue will appear, allowing you to have a romance “if you were Andromeda, you’d be naked”.

You can only consume this affair at the end of your adventure during the Blood for Aphrodite mission. Thyia will invite you to a conversation near the waterfall. During the mission you will be able to use the “let’s undress” interaction, marked with a heart icon. This will be the last choice during the mission.

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