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Assetto Corsa Competizione Enhancing Graphics

A guide to enhance the ACC Graphics. You will be able to get rid of the game feeling blurry and play around with a lot of other nice settings with will make it look a lot better. Reshade will be used for this guide.

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Getting Reshade

I’ve done this by using the Sofware “reshade”. You can simply get that here:


Applying Reshade on Assetto Corsa Competizione

Once you downloaded the software you need to install it for the game. Just start the setup and a window will pop up asking you to select a game. Just press on that Button and locate the AC2-Win64-Shipping.exe which you should be able to find in this folder: Steamlibrary/ steamapps/ common/ Assetto Corsa Competizione / AC2 / Binaries / Win64. If you found it you need to click on the “Direct 3D 10+” button with is located right under that “Select game” thing. It will aks you now if you want to download and install some predefined filters. Just select yes and you should be able to select out of 50+ Fliters. Many of them are fairly useless for ACC so I recommend going with these: Clarity, Curves, Levels, Luma Sharpen, SMAA, Filmic anamorph sharpen. If you like to play around with lightning and colors you might also select Ambient light, HDR, Technicolor2 and Vibrance.

Configuring the filters and activate them

You can start up the game as usual now. In the loading screen reshade will tell you that it is loading the Filters. Once you are in the game I recommend to just enter a training session and find a place where you can see lot of the track, maby a banner, but the most important is that you dont look straight in the direction of the sun.

PRESS Shift + F2 now and the Reshade configuration tool will pop up. Just skip the tutorial and you can play around with the settings of the effects.

I recommend to go with Clarity, Curves, Levels, Filmic anamorph sharpen and maybe SMAA. Remember that all of these effects will affect your frame rate. I experienced a drop by about 6-10 FPS but it looks that much better that you might turn down some of the in-game graphic options like effects and shadows.

Here are my values that i set:

  • Clarity:
  • Radius: 4
  • Offset: 1.000
  • BlendMode: Hard Light (you might play around with that and check out whats fits you the best)
  • BlendIfDark: 40
  • BlendIfLIght: 0

Uncheck the ClarityViewBlendIfMask and the ClarityViewMask.


  • Mode: Both Luma and Chroma
  • Formula: Techicolor Cinestile (try out whats the best for you here as well)
  • Contrast: 0.160

Filmic Anamorph Sharpen:

  • Sharpen strength: 3.000
  • Luma coefficient: BT709
  • Sharpen clamping: 0.892
  • High-pass-offset: 1
  • Edges mask: 2000


  • BlackPoint: 7
  • White Point: 255
  • Highlight Clipping: Unchecked


  • Edge Detection Type: Color edge detection
  • ” Threshold: 0.200
  • Max search Steps: 112
  • ” Diagonal: 20
  • Corner Rounding: 0
  • Debug output: None

If you have a stronger GPU I also recommend to set the (resolution)scale to 110-120 in the ingame Video-options wich will make a quite big difference without costing too much FPS.

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