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Assetto Corsa Competizione – Xbox One Controller Configuration Guide

This guide attempts to explain the meaning of options available when configuring Xbox One controllers in the game as well as offers settings that subjectively make the car far more controllable and enjoyable to drive than the default configuration.

Xbox One Controller Configuration Guide

As probably many other people here, I was pretty shocked at how undriveable the car was with the default Xbox One controller settings in the initial release of the game. The steering speed out of the box is just insane and makes me wonder if anyone at Kunos even bothered to plug a controller in. Hopefully things will improve as the time goes by but in the meantime, while we wait for the full release of the game, which will hopefully have this fixed, I decided to put a guide together explaining all the options that are available.

Additionally, I wanted to see if I could find decent settings to make the game enjoyable. After a couple of hours of tinkering I think I’ve managed to do just that and I have to say that I’m enjoying the handling in ASC more than in all the other driving games I own.

See if you like them and leave a comment below with changes you’ve made to this configuration that you found to be more driveable.

Speed Sensitivity

The faster your car is travelling the less sensitive steering input becomes.

If set to 0 wheel goes from full lock to full lock in an instant and the car becomes almost impossible to control. If set to 100 the steering almost completely stops reacting to any inputs and the car becomes like a ship in the ocean.

Values between 50 and 60 (depending on your preferences) seem to work best. When set to higher than that turning the car on the little straight before turn 6 and through the long turn 12 becomes very difficult. Less than 50 makes it far too twitchy at high speeds for my liking.

Use this track map as a reference if you wish.

My preference: 55

Steer Filter

Determines the reduction of steering input. 1.00 turns the wheel very slowly and 0.00 turns it almost instantly resulting in almost an instant steering lock.

After playing around for a while I stopped on 0.98, which seems to be a good balance between the wheel turning quick enough but not too fast for the car to become twitchy on straights.

For some reason the value doesn’t seem to be linear and even dropping it down to 0.97 makes it far more sensitive to steering inputs than 0.98. 1.00 on the other hand could be compared to setting speed sensitivity to 100, except steer filter affects inputs at all speeds.

My preference: 0.98

Steer Gamma

No matter what values I tried they didn’t seem to affect the handling in any way. If it’s anything as it was in Project Cars then gamma should determine the steering response curve.

Value of 1 would mean linear steering input – analogue stick pushed halfway to either of the sides means wheels are turned at 50% of the available angle.

Value of 4 would mean that initial inputs are subdued and pushing the analogue stick halfway through would result in e.g. only 25% of the angle applied. Basically view it as an exponential curve.

My preference: 3.0

Steer Speed

Self explanatory – the higher the value the faster the wheel turns. Doesn’t seem to affect handling as much as one would expect. There didn’t seem to be much of a difference between 3 and 50. As a result choose a value between 0 and 30 (or experiment with different values and see if you feel any difference).

My preference: 15

Use Auto Steer

This setting is an interesting one. I wasn’t even touching it while adjusting the values but once I did all hell broke loose. It changes the handling of the car completely. You can forget about all the values you set previously and start from scratch.

I get the impression that having it on means that some of the other values get automatically scaled because steering speed of 15 with this setting set to On is driveable whereas if you disable auto steer the wheel speed grinds to a half.

My advice is – don’t bother with turning it off if you’re happy with my settings. Alternatively, if you have time to burn, see if you can find a good combination of values and post them here as comments.


To summarize, these are the values that I find perfectly driveable with auto steer to set to On:

  • Deadzone: 2
  • Speed Sensitivity: 55
  • Steer Filter: 0.98
  • Steer Gamma: 3.0
  • Steer Speed: 15
  • Use Auto Steer: On

Alternatively, here is an OK baseline for everyone willing to experiment with auto steer set to Off:

  • Deadzone: 2
  • Speed Sensitivity: 75
  • Steer Filter: 0.75
  • Steer Gamma: 4.0
  • Steer Speed: 65
  • Use Auto Steer: Off

Hope this helps and it makes the game at least playable for someone else.

Written by Cypher

7 thoughts on “Assetto Corsa Competizione – Xbox One Controller Configuration Guide”

  1. These settings are money! Was having a terrible time controlling the car before trying these. Now I feel like I can actually work on improving instead of fighting the car. Thanks for posting!

  2. I have no words on how much better the driving feels now with this set up i am testing the 1st option on the ps4 pro and it works like butter, a massive improvement over the default settings

  3. here’s my settings, I’ll share them.

    deadzone 1% (very low either way)
    speed sensitivity 27%
    steer filter 0%
    steer speed 100%
    steer gamma 1.0
    steer assist disabled
    steer ratio (in mechanical grip) higher

    Use your ears to listen too! Not just pushing buttons and analogue sticks on some bloodclart control pad. If you hear screeching from your car, do not increase steering angle any more. Or else you’ll scrape the front wheels and ruin them.


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