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BattleBit Remastered Armor 101

Don’t know how armor works ? How to equip it ? Here is some quick math and few explanations to relieve some stress.

BattleBit Remastered Armor 101

I’ve been surprised by how many people don’t know about armor and its effects. Someone could be playing Support without realizing they don’t have to move like a boulder. Same case for Medics that could use that extra bit of speed to pull you out of the line of fire. Or maybe an Engineer that statistically can be the fastest but needed that extra bit of speed to get into cover and finish of that BTR.

It’s a simple fix to better push your class twords your play style. Just look twords the bottom left of your screen while in the re-spawn screen. Choose character and start messing with it.

Armor for Dummies

I made a long list of all equips for each class if you’d like to look further.

Setting a Foundation

Armor for Dummies
Before we get into more details im going to set some things up.

Once armor is broken, it cannot be replenished until a re-spawn.

Your armor durability depends on which armor you pick (obviously), although all armors for Recon only go up to 12 durability.

If you armor takes more damage than its durability, it will break, you will also take “bleed damage”, meaning any left over damage will be dealt to your 100 base HP.

Your helmet and chest do not “pool” together. Meaning they can break and vary in durability independently.

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Your belt, backpack, and other cosmetics do not affect your armor, although they do affect other aspects of your character. That is not the subject of this guide.

Support can equip the most durable whereas Engineer can carry the lightest, as in none at all.
At 175m Support runs at 6.5mps meanwhile Engineer sits at 10mps.

Relevant Information

Armor for Dummies

You see this smug bastard ? This is exactly where you should be shooting. Take that eating grin off his face.

Why ? There is head-shot multipliers. (AR-1.5, SMG-1.2, Sniper-1.9) Although this does not apply if armor is still on.

So with that we’re going to be using the base damage for the M4. (M4: 30 damage)

Now you have the question, why shoot the armor or head when i can just shoot the limbs or waist and deal direct damage to their HP ? This is very situational but the head provides a good buff to your damage while the chest is the easiest to hit. Most of the time if your enemy is smart, they will use cover or lean meaning you won’t always be able to get those clean shots to the limbs or waist.


Yes im re-using this picture.

Armor for Dummies

The Support EXO helmet has a durability of 37. So I’ll make the equation simple. Durability or HP – weapon damage = Durability or HP left.

37 – 30 = 7. They still have their armor. So lets shoot again.

7 – 30 = 23. Now their helmet is broken and they have received 23 damage. They are now at 77HP. The multiplier did not apply as the round had hit their armor. Shoot again.

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77HP – 30 = 40HP. You’re hitting the head right ? So the equation should be 77HP – 45 = 32HP. The next shot will kill them.

EXO chest armor has a durability of 62 with no multiplier. It’s gonna take a bit more but again feel free to exploit any opportunity to hit their limbs instead.

62 – 30 = 32 Armor still on but you’re close.

32 – 30 = 2. Armor almost broken and now you’re almost hitting gold. From here it will take another 3 shots to finish them off.

Im not gonna you with nerd spreadsheets about TTK, im made sure the math i used stayed at an elementary school level to match up to infantry and tanker standards. Pilots, you’re cool but wtf are you doing here ?

Using an M4 it will take 4 headshots for a kill, 6 for the chest, and 4 on limbs or waist. Keep in mind the way armor is separated could cause what seems like some jank. For example you shoot someone as they go prone, your first shot hits their chest before they level to the ground and now you shoots their helmet.


These will be fairly obvious, as all you really needed was the foundations as armor works. The rest was filler. This will not solve skill issue and is not a healthy way to cope. If you’re really struggling these or some detestably useful tips.

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Obviously always aim for the face, not just the head. Alternatively as they hold their weapon forward you can shoot their arms. You should focus on either the head or arms as hitting both will just increase the TTK as you’re hitting armor and their HP. Unless of course they have no helmet which is more common than no armor.

If coming from the rear focus on legs or chest. Avoid head shots if possible. As i said previously the arms are forward when holding a weapon. You will still double dip but considering you have the legs, waist and chest covering more surface area than the head, your odds are higher.

No, EXO will not let you tank M200 shots to the head. It will deal 70 x 1.9 = 133. While you think you’ll live, thats the base damage that does not include attachments and damage buff from range. The newbie may not have the m200 or the attachments so what im trying to say is the tryhard sitting 300m away camping some random remote place will keep picking you off. Once he is done with his circle jerk of shooting a stationary sniper with a massive light pointing to exaclty where they are, they’ll come for you. Position yourself better, trust me, i see you running around or standing still in the most open place as if you’re invincible.

I will eventually link a guide will all character equips for any one interested.

Thanks to riggedjr on discord for some help re-verifying the foundations of armor.

Written by Lilith

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