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BattleBit Remastered Good Beginner Loadout

BattleBit Remastered Good Beginner Loadout

This loadout goes pretty well for starting in the game and maybe even still after that. It features low recoil and easy xp so it’s perfect for new players.


Good Beginner Loadout

The class you wanna use is the medic class as it’s main focus is not completely on killing enemies but on helping friendlies and being a medic is rewarding you with big amounts of xp so if you are just starting the game and are maybe not so good with aiming and stuff, it’s a great way to still level up but of course the medic class is also for advanced players.

With these attachments (especially vertical grip) the M4A1 has very little recoil while still being pretty good in the other stats. If you want to know exactly what the other attachments actually do, you can look up the stats ingame.

I’d say the MP 443 is better than the M9 and as it takes a bit until you unlock another sidearm I recommend you to stick with the MP 443 as it is a good sidearm overall.

C4 is pretty much the best option here. For grenades you could swap out the frag for a smoke but I’m more often in situations where I need the frag rather than the smoke so I’d stick with the frag.

So the amor is kinda personal preference and depends on your playstyle and you could switch out the medium amor for heavy and the normal backpack for heavy but you will be slower and as a medic you gotta run alot so use medium.

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