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BattleBit Remastered Weapon Stats

BattleBit Remastered Weapon Stats

A complete breakdown of all weapon stats, except the snipers, to assist in choosing the best weapon for your preference.

A Brief Explanation + Notes

Howdy! Struggling to choose between the many options Battlebit has to offer in terms of its weaponry? Fear not, I’ve created a complete spreadsheet of all base gun stats, so you may make your own decisions for yourself!

As a quick note, Snipers are not included as sniping is an entirely different playing field, and I felt it wasn’t necessary for the spreadsheet. RPS means Rounds per second

Also, TTK is in milliseconds. There are only 3 guns in the game which benefit from a faster TTK with the Long Barrel and Heavy Barrel: The Famas, The M110, and the L86A1

Not taken into calculation is the 1.5x HS Multiplier to Damage, as this assumes no headshots.

Lastly, L-A Damage means Light armor Damage. Im not 100% sure if that means personal armor or light armored vehicles, but from gameplay experience I believe it’s likely light armor vehicle damage. Please correct me if I’m wrong on this!

The Spreadsheet

Click Here for the Spreadsheet, Hosted on Google Sheets!

As time goes on and more weapons are added, or stats are changed, I will do my best to keep this spreadsheet up to date. You are more than welcome to create copies of it, or share it to friends. Have some debates about them, and confirm your friends’ biases or prove that the gun just aint it.

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Written by xgflash

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