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BattleBit Remastered XP Guide (Scoring System)

A guide to understand BattleBit’s scoring system and how to gain the most XP.

BattleBit Remastered XP Guide (Scoring System)


  • “Enemy Killed” awards 200xp.
  • “Headshot Bonus” awards a bonus of 400xp.
  • “Long Distance Kill” awards a bonus of the distance you killed them -100. (example: 500m – 100 = +400xp)
  • “Assist” awards you the damage done.
  • “Assist Counts As Kill” awards you 200xp if you did most of the damage. If you did a minority of the damage, it would count as a assist.


  • “Neutralizing Objective” (enemy held) awards 1000xp.
  • “Capturing Objective” awards 1000xp
  • “Attack The Objective” awards 200xp when you will an enemy in their controlled objective.


  • “Squad Orders Followed” awards 400xp when you capture or neutralize a point that the squad leader marked.
  • “Squad Objective Followed” awards the squad leader 400-???xp when your squad captures or neutralizes the point you marked.
  • “Enemy Rally Point Destroyed” awards you 800xp for destroying an enemy spawn beacon.
  • “Squadmate Spawned On Your” awards you 200xp when a squadmate spawns on you.


  • “Vehicle Kill” awards you with 1800xp when you destroy a vehicle (even vehicles with no one inside applies too)
  • “Vehicle Assist” awards you with the damage caused to a vehicle in xp.
  • “Vehicle Hit” awards you with the amount of damage you do to a vehicle.
  • “Gunner Kill Assist” awards you with 200xp when another crew memeber inside the vehicle gets a kill.
  • “Repair Bonus” awards you with the number of damage you repaired.
  • “Transportation Bonus” awards the driver/pilot of the vehicle when someone they transported captures an objective.
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  • “Friendly Revive” awards you with 400xp when you revive a downed teammate.
  • “Healing Bonus” awards you the amount of health you healed x4.
  • “Friend Healed” awards you with 50xp when you fully heal a teammate to max health.
  • “Stopping A Bleed” awards you with 200xp when you stop the bleeding of a teammate.

Best Way To Earn XP

It seems that the developers of BattleBit Remastered tried to let people earn XP with almost any play style. But here are my recommendations.

  • Playing a medic and solely reviving people can give you lots of XP (just make sure to also heal them to max health to get more bonuses)
  • Being a helicopter pilot can give you large sums of XP for transporting teammates and getting “Gunner Kill Assists”
  • Sniping from 100m+ can award you with a lot of XP from kills, headshot bonuses, and distance bonuses.
  • Being a squad leader or just following the squad leader’s directions can award you with a lot of XP too.


This guide was made possible with many videos and forums, but the most useful was LevelCapGaming’s video. I just made this guide hoping it helps more people.

Written by prigs7

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