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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – Necrons Counters

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Necrons Counters

Necron planetary assault being supported by a Monolith and Destroyers with aerial support from Night Scythes.

“The secrets of the universe are within my grasp. You cannot stop me now.”
– Illuminor Szeras

Considering the extremely small roster available to the Necrons, fleet building and theorycrafting are very limited. They are also a faction which needs to get the most out of their vessels. They are an easy faction to play due to their limited numbers, but a hard faction to master. General tips to follow are:

  1. ALWAYS target the Necron’s engines. By doing this you limit their potential to teleport and make them more predictable.
  2. Because of their limited ship counts, focus fire on one ship and target all boarding attacks on another. This will keep damage on one ship will whittling down another.
  3. Don’t clump up against them, their initiation potential combined with several Star Pulse Waves will devestate most fleets and kill escorts outright.
  4. Playing scenario is key to beating Necrons, it forces them to spread out and keep extra pressure on them to move around the map.
  5. If going against the Cairn battleship, it is very easy to manuever a ship into its rear arc and hammer it with weapons. It’s weapons are focused in a 270 degree foward arc which doesn’t cover its engines.
  6. Ramming a Necron ship is extremely effective. Don’t pull away the ship though, let it keep running into it with its engines on max. This will drain the Necron’s ships hull points rapidly, especially if you play as the Imperial Navy.
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